8 Best Toys for a 2 Year Old Girl (Review) in 2021

December 2, 2021 @ 9:09 am
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Best toys for a 2 year old girl

Jaques of London Wooden Play Food


Bright and colourful

Durable and easy to grip

Develops imagination


High in demand product- keep checking availability

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Balance Bike


Develops strength and balance

Choice of colours

Durable and sturdy


Long-lasting but unlikely to last until they are six

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Labebe Rocking Horse

best toys for a 2 year old


Develops strength and balance

Cute design

Comfortable and sturdy


White colour can be difficult to keep clean

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Water Doodle Mat


Reusable canvas


Develops imagination and creativity


Can get a little wet around the mat, so place a towel underneath

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VTech Cosy Kitten Carrier Interactive Toy


Quality children’s brand
Develops imagination


Quality brand comes with a more premium price

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LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book


Promotes bilingual learning


Engaging and fun


If frequently used, the batteries will require regular replacement

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LeapFrog Count Along Till


Interactive talking, counting and singing 


Develops imagination through role-play


Could be improved with more shopping items

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AivaToba Toys Musical Piano Playmat


Bright and colourful


Develops gross motor skills


Requires 3x AA batteries which are not included

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Best Toys for a 2 Year Old Girl Buying Guide & FAQ

By the time your little girl reaches two-years-old they will be ready for toys that are going to start challenging a range of skills including problem-solving, imagination, creativity, numeracy and ABC learning.

If your little girl is attending nursery then the chances are, they are already starting to develop these key skills, if not or additionally, there are a range of toys which can help promote their development and learning.

My best toys for two-year-old girls have been chosen for both development and fun factors; meaning they are entertaining for your little one while promoting educational and/ or physical growth.

What to look for when buying toys for a 2 year old girl?

Imagination Toys – The world of imagination is an amazing thing, and your little girl should be encouraged to pretend and play to develop this.

The benefits of imaginative play include developing communication, confidence, language skills, increased intellectual growth and development of social skills. There are a huge range of pretend toys available to support pretend play, my favourites which I have included above are the LeapFrog Count Along Till, Vtech Cosy Kitten Carrier and Jaques of London Wooden Play Food Set.

As your little girl acts out nurturing and feeding a kitten, buying shopping or cooking dinner they will gain further understanding of the world around them and how they put themselves across in the world.

Development Toys – If you can find a toy that is both engaging and educational for your little girl, then you have a big win! The best educational toys mean your child will be playing and learning without realising it.

I have included a variety of toys for your two-year-old girl’s development depending on the areas you want to focus on and what they will enjoy playing with. Ride on toys are great for developing strength, balance and confidence.

The Doodle Mat is a simple and tidy way to develop creativity as well as fine-motor skills required for writing. Other educational factors to consider in a toy are numeracy and literacy skills.

Musical toys – Musical toys are encouraged for toddlers as they help with sensory development. It is thought that two-year-olds who are exposed to music present better in listening, reading language development and speaking skills.

Musical toys are also a fun way to engage your two-year-old girl, so they interact and play with a toy for longer. Musical toys which encourage movement and dancing are a great way to enhance their well-being both mentally and physically.

The AivaToba Toys Musical Piano Playmat is an example of a musical toy which is great to develop gross motor skills as your child uses their body to make the musical sounds.



My top eight toys for a two-year-old girl have not been chosen lightly. I have put a lot of consideration into narrowing the best toys which are both entertaining and promote the development of key skills for your little girl.

I was really excited when I came across the LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, as I think this is a fantastic tool for introducing your toddler to another language. The Birtech Balance Bike was another favourite as we love to be outdoors, and this toy developed a range of physical skills.

I have provided a great selection above to make your search for a toy easier.