11 Best Paddling Pools for Toddlers (Review) in 2021

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am
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Best Paddling Pools for Toddlers

Intex Rectangular Pool

Easy to set up
Four corner seats
Handy drain plug connects to garden hose
Due to the size of this pool it requires fixated adult supervision
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Intex – Baby Pool 3-Ring Sunset Glow

best paddling pool of toddlers
Small and toddler friendly
Bright and colourful
Handy travel pool
Delicate material, handle with care
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Bestway Power Steel Deluxe Frame Pool Set With Pool Cover, Ground Cloth, Ladder & Filter Pump

wooden paddling pool
Stylish rattan-style look
Hard standing frame
Essential accessories included
Due to the size this pool will require cleaning and maintenance
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Intex Prism Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Deep, family-sized pool
Strong, durable structure
Easy to set up
Large pool takes along time to fill and maintain
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TZUTOGETHER Wireless Automatic Inflatable Swimming Pool with Sunshade Canopy

Detachable sun canopy
Strong, padded structure
Automatic, wireless inflation
Due to the size of this pool it requires fixated adult supervision

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Intex Happy Dino Inflatable Play Center

dinosaur paddling pool
Funky slide
Water sprinkler
Bright and Summery
Numerous sections to blow up
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Bestway Family Fun Lounge Pool

Seats with headrests and cup holders
Thick, durable walls
Handy repair patch included
Requires a pump for easier inflation
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Femor Large Non-Slip Swimming Bathing Pool


Available in 5 different sizes!

Very quick and easy to set up
Durable, Hard standing design
Premium price compared to other pools of the same size
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Intex John Adams 62 x 62-Inch Sun Shade Pool

Sun protector cover
Colourful, attractive design
Repair patch included
Some customers have reported that the shade is very flimsy
Reported to be smaller than stated on the box
Check the latest deal: Intex John Adams

Bestway Fill-N-Fun Paddling Pool

Colourful, fun design
Very quick and easy to set up
Choice of sizes available
Not as sturdy as other recommendations
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Bestway Children’s Turtle Totz Play and Paddling Pool

Cute sun protector feature
Colourful, attractive design
Repair patch included
Requires regular inflation
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Best Paddling Pools for Toddlers Buying Guide & FAQ

How long can you leave water in a swimming pool?

The length of time that water can be left in a paddling pool is dependent on a number of factors. A small paddling pool could require a water change after one to three days, whereas a large family sized pool can keep the same water for seven to ten days. If there are a lot of children running in and out with dirty feet this can cause the water to discolour quicker. Child safety experts recommend emptying water after every use or covering the pool over to prevent drowning, which can occur with water lying as little as 5cm deep.

How to keep paddling pool water clean?

A pool cover is a great purchase to keep flies and leaves, etc out of the pool when it is not in use. To keep the water fresher for longer you can use a filter which is an effective but can be a costly way to keep your water cleaner for longer. If you do not want to change your water every day, cleaning manufacturer Dri-Pak claims that Bicarbonate of Soda and bottle steriliser helps to neutralise pH levels in paddling pool water. Whenever you do change your pool water, ensure you disinfect the pool before refilling to kill any bacteria left behind.

Can I put a paddling pool on artificial grass?

In short, yes, you can put a paddling pool on artificial grass. There are a number of positives which include the fact it is a nice soft surface for the pool, preventing potential damage compared to a hard surface. An artificial grass lawn will not get muddy or die in comparison to the effects a paddling pool has on real grass. The downside to a paddling pool on artificial grass is that it cannot drain the water the same way real grass is able to absorb it, and you could be left with a puddle while it slowly drains. So, ensure you have a solution for draining the water appropriately.

How to fill a paddling pool without a hose?

If you do not have a hose pipe to fill your pool you are in a bit of a tricky situation. I know a group of students who once placed a drainpipe under an outside tap which allowed the water to run down into the pool. However, this isn’t something I recommend. The alternative is simply to collect buckets of water and use good old-fashioned patience and strength to fill the bucket from a tap and then carry to the pool. This is much quicker if you have little helpers with buckets to give you a hand. But if you have a large family sized pool, you will want to invest in a hosepipe for an efficient solution.

How to heat a swimming pool fast?

For a small toddler paddling pool, the black bin bag trick is a great hack; simply fill the paddling pool with water, place in the sun and cover the water with a black bin bag. The black bin bag attracts the sun and warms the water in roughly 45 minutes. Alternatively, a careful few trips with a boiled kettle to a small paddling pool will work effectively too.

For larger pools, a water heater is worth an investment. For a premium initial cost, solar-powered pool heaters are an energy-efficient way of quickly heating your pool. A well-insulated pool with pool cover will help to minimise heat escaping quickly and will need less work to reheat later.


Overall when choosing a pool, the first thing to consider is what is the main purpose of this pool, who is it for? I have broken my list into categories to make it easier for you to make a choice, whether you want a pool with a cover for a baby, a dinosaur splash zone for a toddler, or a water lounge with drinks holder for the family, you can pick a toddler paddling pool which is most suitable for your family’s needs. Make sure whichever pool you buy; you follow care instructions to keep your pool clean and longer lasting. Lastly, always ensure children are under adult supervision when in any pool.