Reusable or Disposable: Which is Better for Nappy Rash

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

Both sides of the argument on this topic have their age-old myths and accusations. But which nappy type is better for nappy rash? Is it disposable or reusable? 

According to most advertisers in the nappy industry, they will have you believe that nappy rash is all to do with wetness, when actually this isn’t the case at all.

Most children won’t be bothered by a wet nappy, but you will always have some children with more sensitive skin where wetness can cause itchiness.

Of course, your babies’ skin can be sensitive to certain material and types of nappy, but the brand of nappy is actually completely irrelevant to nappy rash, and it’s actually caused by stale urine coming into contact with the bacteria in poo and in turn creating ammonia. 

In general, a child using cloth nappies will be less prone to getting nappy rash simply because a parent using real nappies are likely to change them more often.

Other Causes of Rashing

There are a few things that can affect rashing in babies. When your baby is teething, they can come up in horrible rashing around their bums and privates. These rashes can also appear in other parts of their bodies too. 

Some children are more sensitive to sore skin, but diet can play a large part in this. Canned or jarred baby food can have preservatives that can cause reactions.

Certain foods can also cause children to have reactions on their skin. The biggest culprits are oranges, tomatoes and avocados so be sure to keep track of ingredients if you see rashing in your little one.

Other Skin Conditions That Can Mistake for Nappy Rash

Cradle Cap – Cradle cap can appear as a rashy patch on a baby’s head but in some rare cases it can appear in other parts of the body. Sometimes cradle cap can be seen on the face as well as the bum areas are so easily mistaken as nappy rash.

Eczema – Eczema is very common in young children and can easily be mistaken for nappy rash in its mild form. Mild eczema would be a dry red patch of skin which is very similar to the red rashness of a nappy rash.

Tips on how to prevent nappy rash

To help avoid nappy rash, you should always change a baby’s nappy straight after a poo. Make sure you clean the full nappy area not just the private parts.

  • Make sure to change your baby regularly
  • Apply a thin layer of nappy rash cream
  • Let your baby air dry a bit in-between changes
  • Try using a different new born nappy brand

Avoid Potentially Irritating Products

Certain products might actually be irritating your baby’s skin. Try to avoid using products that include any kind of perfume or added chemicals.

These types of ingredients can cause skin irritation and result in nappy rash.

You can get perfumed or scented products in nappy’s, nappy wipes, creams, shampoos, and body wash most commonly.