May 14, 2021 @ 3:02 pm

Pampers: Aqua Pure 

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Pampers have always been known as one of the giants in the baby product industry and their product range covers a huge variety of different nappies and also a few different wipes.

Arguably the most popular wipes that pampers offer are the Aqua Pure range. These wipes are 99% water and made of organic cotton and the other 1% made up of gentle cleansers to help soothe and feel soft on your baby’s skin. These wipes are suitable for bums, hands and faces of all ages of children.


The packs are designed with a majority white package and a blue shades watercolour hear on the top. The packet also has an easy seal clasp style lid for easy close and reseal after use. The packs can be purchased individually from most stores as well as in boxes of nine or eighteen online.


Weight: 7.31 kilograms


Number of Packs in the box: 18


Number of wipes in each pack: 48


Number of wipes total: 864 wipes


Pampers Aqua Pure have excelled in certain areas and have really gone to town with these wipes. The are 0% Alcohol and also perfume free and the specific ingredients have been demagogically tested to maintain the skins natural PH levels and help prevent skin irritation in your little one.


As with any product, there are always going to be downsides that go with the good and this product is no different.

There has been a few reports on the review sections that this product caused a burning sensation if wiped over an open wound and some others that mentioned that it caused their children to have a rash.

Personally, we didn’t experience any of these issues but we thought to include them.