Nuna LEAF Grow Review: The All-in-1 Wonder Chair

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

Nuna LEAF Grow Review

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Nuna LEAF Grow Review

If you want a baby bouncer that will last your little one a lifetime until they literally grow out of it then the Nuna LEAF grow is the product for you.

Stylish enough to not look out of place in any home you can use this seat from a newborn all the way up to when they are 60kg (I actually know a 24-year old that doesn’t even weigh that much!) so you can rest assured that it’ll be perfect for your little one as they grow.

As a bouncer, it’s a no-battery, no-power cord, smartly designed piece of technology. It has been designed for efficiency and a small nudge will have it rocking for over two minutes. This does of course mean that you will have to manually push it if trying to get your baby off to sleep.

Its 100% cotton mesh design makes the seat super comfy and something they just won’t want to get out of as a toddler (trust me, I know!)

You can adjust the height for when the baby is using it so they can either bounce or nap and once they have outgrown it, it can be used as a toddler seat. As a toddler seat it’s super safe and lower enough to the ground that if they were to fall out they wouldn’t hurt themselves. 

Whats in the box?

The Nuna Leaf Grow comes in the box as the base and the seat and the toy bar comes separately but still in the box. 

The toy bar simply clips onto the side of the seat and can be placed high or low, whatever works best for the baby. You can also get a canopy for the unit. 

how to set up the Nuna LEAF Grow

The Nuna Leaf is super easy to set up and clips into place in a matter of seconds. You can remove the chair from the base for storage or transport and put it back together in no time at all. 

how long can you expect to use the Nuna LEAF grow?

This is a great one for this product as you can literally use this as an adult. you could buy this for your newborn and they could then use it as an afterschool chair to do their homework!

The weight limit for the chair is 60kg meaning that most 18 years olds would still be below the limit to sit in it. That being said I don’t think we would recommend testing it out.

The best part of it is that you can use this for your child comfortably until they are at least 6 years old, even older if they are petite. This makes it incredibly good value for money and a Toddler Review certified smart purchase and must have nursery essential!


How did this make your life easier? 

By buying this bouncer it made my life a hell of a lot easy as it gave me a place to safely put my child to keep them entertained, sleep and even feed them. 

Once they had grown out of it gave them a chair they can use when we spend family time at home without having to have them climbing all over me whilst we are watching Peter Rabbit the movie for the 194,453,214 time. 

Why Should You Buy?


Toy Bar with three toys that can be attached to any part of the seat


Can be used until your child weighs 60kg!


a gentle nudge will sway for up to two minutes


Adjustable recline that grows with your child


Includes infant insert


Silent design that doesn’t require batteries or power cords

reasons we love

Firstly, we have to point out how easy this is to clean. The cover comes right off and can be machine washed, and the design doesn’t really leave any room for any dirt to build up, on top of that the frame itself is wipe clean so very easy to keep tidy. 

It also has to be mentioned that it’s incredible how long this seat will last you, your child can enjoy this bouncer, all the way through until you turn into a chair and further still until they are much older. 

It’s great that it’s also battery-free, this makes it virtually silent when in use as a rocker or a toddler seat and its three positions, lay flat, upright and in the middle make it perfect for sleeping, and feeding. 

Reasons we dont like

Despite all the things we love there is something that does dampen our Nuna LEAF hype.

The fact that its battery and power cord-free is brilliant but this makes it manual. A single nudge will rock the bouncer for around 2 minutes but this makes it very difficult to use if you want a bouncer in order to be hands-free and get other things done. You’ll have to sit with your baby until they are asleep before you can move onto other tasks.

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper Bouncer then the BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss is a great alternative. It offers ergonomic support for your baby without all the fancy gadgets and add-ons whilst also saving you a few pennies as it is a cheaper alternative. 

Other Products by Nuna

Nuna are an international company that have been around since 2007. You might think that’s not a long time at all but they have exploded all over the world, originally starting in Amasterdam. 

They offer ranges of products that all seem to match and look great together. 

You might remember in our 4Moms MamaRoo review that they were also another company that having been around long and achieved greatness. 

The other products that Nuna offer include:

Travel Systems


Car Seats

Travel Cots

High Chairs

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