Curing Nappy Rash: 7 Natural Remedies

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

Nappy rash can be a hard thing to deal with as a parent, it is absolutely horrible looking and can be very sore and painful for your baby.

There are hundreds of nappy rash creams available on the market but some parents will prefer natural remedies to cure nappy rash in their infant.

Most nappy rash creams have a base ingredient which is zinc oxide, and although can be found naturally, this is more commonly made synthetically. This means that they aren’t a great option if you are trying to stay au naturel.

We have checked some of the best natural remedies to cure nappy rash so you can try some of these instead of using a cream.

1: Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is something that everyone should have in their home. You can use coconut oil for cooking, as sunscreen, brush your teeth with it, and most importantly it can be used to soothe skin irritation, and even eczema. 

Coconut oil is antifungal as well as antibacterial so it’s great to use on babies.

2. White Vinegar

Urine is alkaline, so mixing a teaspoon of white vinegar with a cup of clean water and applying it whilst changing their bum will help counteract the alkaline as the vinegar is acidic.

If you use cloth diapers, you can soak them in a vinegar/water solution to soak out the wee.

3. Breast Milk

Breast milk is one of the most powerful liquids when it comes to healing and contains antibodies that are anti-inflammatory. It can be used to heal baby crusty eyes and even nappy rash.

You only need a few drops of milk, rub it in and let it dry naturally before putting a new nappy on.

4. Vaseline

Vaseline is very good and moisturising and creates a barrier between the skin and the nappy. Vaseline can still be breathable.

5. Oats

 Oats are a great way to soothe skin. Simply put some oats in a clean sock or pair of tights, tie a knot in the top leave to soak. This is great moisturising and soothing skin.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another way to naturally soothe nappy rash is apple cider vinegar, its antibacterial and very easy to use. Simply put one cup into their bath and let the baby splash around.

7. Yoghurt

Nappy rash is a fungal infection so curing it is easily done by applying some yoghurt. This is completely safe and natural remedy.

What Not To Use On Nappy Rash

You should avoid using bicarbonate of soda or baking soda solution on your baby’s skin. These can be absorbed into the skin and cause problems. 

You should also avoid using undiluted vinegar directly on the skin, this can cause the skin to be sore and sting which, obviously, isn’t good.

When Should You See a Doctor?

If your baby’s rash becomes severe, you should see a doctor. Although you might not want to use ointments or creams a doctor might prescribe one to make it better for your baby.

If you are unsure with any mark or rash on your baby’s skin you should consult a doctor to be on the safe side. 

What are the Best Nappies for Nappy Rash

There are no best nappies when it comes to nappy rash. The best thing to do is to try out a few brands until you find the best one for your baby.

We have written a guide of the best nappies to try and you can read this here.