How To Store Sand Pit Toys

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

How to store sand pit toys when not in use

The endless fun of a sandpit lasts all year round, come rain or shine the entertainment value is well worth the tidy up job at the end of the day.

If you’re using your sandpit all year round, the likelihood is it will get caught out in the rain at some point, as will your sandpit toys.

Keeping the area clean is not always straightforward depending on your space and the weather it is exposed to.

Here are some inventive ways of making it easier to store and maintain your sandpit toys and even an extra reason to get a sand pit in your garden.

Clean them thoroughly from time to time by putting them all in a soapy bath or shower or hose down in the garden.

Container with holes

Drainage is an important consideration when storing your sandpit toys in a container, unless the container is absolutely watertight and the lid is never left off, it’s likely the toys will end up swimming in a pool of water after a sudden downpour.

Instead, use a container with holes in the bottom, a milk crate could work well, or else drill some holes into the bottom of some colourful buckets, use hooks to hang them on the fence or wall near your sandpit and the rainwater will drain right through, washing out the toys on the way.

When the rain has stopped the toys will dry out all on their own.


Pegboards are really versatile storage solutions that also happen to look great indoors or out.

If you’re using them outside make sure it’s suitable or treat it to be waterproof it first, then attach it to a wall or fence near your sandpit.

Customize your pegboard by selecting a variety of hooks, shelves, pots and holders to store your sandpit tools and toys on.

Hanging the toys at your child eye level will also help they to find them, keeping them off the ground will help keep them clean and dry and easy to reach.

Storage bench

A garden storage bench or box can be a great addition to your outside space and will double up as both toy storage and seating.

A storage bench is especially great if you want the toys packed away out of sight between playtimes.

Garden storage benches are designed to weather all seasons, however, not all storage benches are water tight, so unless you want the contents filling up with rainwater, make sure there is a watertight lining.

Another design feature to look out for is a gas lift lid, this won’t close accidentally on little fingers, make sure your storage bench or cube is easy for your child to find toys in unaided.

Outdoor storage bag

Net storage bags, similar to those you might use in a bathroom for bath toys also work well outside.

They hold a lot of toys, are relatively low cost and can be hung on a hook off the floor to keep clean.

Toys in larger bags mean the toys at the bottom are harder to reach, so several smaller bags might be better.

With good drainage it doesn’t matter if the toys get wet or left out in the rain, the storage bag is portable and can be taken with you to the beach, or you can put the whole thing in the bath to clean off the toys once a month.

Vegetable rack

Particularly useful if you have a raised sandpit, using a tiered vegetable rack for your toys keeps them easy to see and reach, organised and clean.

For simple tidy storage and to save on space, ensure your vegetable rack storage will slide underneath your sand pit or sand table, toys will also stay dry in the rain when not in use.

The vegetable rack idea is also handy if you don’t have a wall or fence space to hang toys up off the floor, put heavier toys at the bottom to weigh it down and prevent it from blowing over.

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