How to Clean Your Baby Changing Bag

May 14, 2021 @ 3:02 pm

If your baby changing bag isn’t getting dirty, then chances are you don’t have a baby….

Of course, that’s not the case but inevitably you will end up having to clean your baby changing bag at some point in its lifetime.

As a new parent, you’ll find your whole entire life ends up in your changing bag so say goodbye to your stylish handbag and hello to your baby changing, super-efficient, bag.

If you are looking for a stylish and convenient changing bag, you can check out our guide on the best baby changing bags here.

Your bag will be a warzone, filled with biscuit crumbs, fruit peels, and wrappers from a sleepy afternoon when you were in desperate need of a sugar boost.

We have put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to clean your baby changing bag:

1. Empty the Bag

Take all the items out of the bag, unzip all the pockets, and remove that half-eaten sweet that’s been stuck in there for ages. Turn the bag inside out, give it a shake, and make sure all the loose crumbs and loose crisps are out of there.

2. Fight the Stains

If your bag has some hardcore stains you might want to start by addressing these. Put together a washing up bowl and add, detergent, washing up liquid, and some soda crystals or baking soda. Mix these together with hot water and grab an old tea towel or cloth.  

Using your cloth rub away at the stains and do your best to get the stains off.

3. Going Inside

Make sure your changing bag is turned inside out, trying to clean it from the inside will be difficult and awkward and you aren’t winning any prizes so make it easy.

Refill your washing bowl and using a cloth or tea towel again start cleaning the inside of the bag using a circular motion. If your bag has pockets be sure to pull them inside out to get to the bottom of those liners.

4. Around the Outside

Refill your bowl once more and turn your changing bag back to the right way in. Take your towel and make it damp and clean the outside of the bag in the same motion as the inside. Circular motions.

Focus on any areas where you can see physical dirt and pay special attention to the handles as these get used the most.

5. Airdry – Not AirFry!

Try to put your bag somewhere that gets a decent breeze or next to a radiator or log burner. If you can prop the bag over a broom or cloths horse so that it stays open and dry’s properly.

If you cant place the bag in a way it can dry be sure to turn it regularly as to avoid any stale smelling water on the bag.

It might be worth sticking a stain pen in the bag to avoid any stains from occurring whilst on the go. They are great at removing spillage stains and are not bigger than a pen so fit inside your changing bag easily.