How to Change your Baby’s Nappy

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am

The Basics

So, you are wondering how to change your baby’s nappy.

Left for too long, a wet or dirty nappy can cause a painful and sore nappy rash on a baby so it’s important to make sure you are regularly changing your little one, properly.

We have taken all the information that you need and put it all into an easy-to-read and understand article so you can quickly learn how to change your baby’s nappy.

If you are looking for the best nappy for your newborn we have reviewed the top 5 in another post which you can view here.


Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Change a Nappy?

You can’t really change a baby’s nappy wrong as long as you understand that the dirty nappy must come off and the clean nappy must go on, but be sure to check all the steps so you don’t miss anything out.

The worst that could probably happen is that you put the new nappy on back to front!

Be Ready

Always be ready for any eventually. If you want to avoid getting wee’d on then you need to be sure you are prepared for it.

Before You Start

  • Get your wipes out ready
  • Clean babies bum with a nappy under their bum to avoid an accident!
  • If you are using cotton wool and water, get this prepared beforehand
  • Have your nappy cream ready if you are using it

If you have any other rituals that you happen to get into then be sure to prep them before you start, as the baby grows, they get wrigglier which can be a pain if you have forgotten something.

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change Your Baby’s Nappy

1. Lay your baby down on their back on their changing mat. If you are using a changing table be sure to keep a hand on your baby at all times as they could roll off and fall.

2. Undo the straps on the front of the nappy, and if there’s a poo in there use a clean part of the nappy to wipe as much of it away as you can. This will be helpful.

3. Holding your baby by the ankles, put their feet towards their head being careful not to hurt them. Wipe any remaining poo and also the surrounding area being sure to get into all the skin folds too.

4. If you have a little girl always be sure to wipe front to back.

5. Gently dry the area and apply a barrier cream. Be sure to put this on thinly as putting it on thick can cause skin breathing issues and lead to a rash.

6. Lift baby’s legs and place the new fresh nappy underneath their bum, making sure that the straps are under the bum on the baby with the absorbent side coming over the front of the baby in between their legs.

7. Fasten the nappy using the straps and make sure it’s snug to the skin. Be sure not to go so tight as to pinch the baby’s skin as could cause pain.

8. Clean everything away and tidy up. Be sure to wipe the changing mat down and sanitise. Wash your hands and you are good to go until next time!

Newborn babies can need changing up to around 10 times per day and maybe 3-4 times a night so you should find you pick this up very quickly.

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