Baby Bins: What’s the Optimum Time Between Emptys?

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am

This post was Written by Zoe Kirby

How Often Should You Empty Your Nappy Bin?

Emptying your nappy bin regularly is a must do activity. If you leave it to long you can end up with a horrid lingering smell in your babies’ room which is a nightmare to get rid of. Trust me! 

But How often should you empty your nappy bin?

This is a question that is best answered by looking at how many nappies your nappy bin can hold.

Nappy bins can hold a range of amounts of nappies varying from around 25 all the way up to around 55 nappies.

The number of nappies each bin can hold is also dependant on size of the nappy and therefore the size of the baby.

Although you can fill a nappy bin with up to 55 nappies, its good practice to not let it get that full and empty it regularly.

We recommend emptying your nappy bin at least every 3 days. This should allow for a maximum of 30 nappies to fill the bin at any one time.

Allowing for only 30 nappies max to fill your nappy bin will ensure that you won’t get too much of a lingering bad smell left from too many nappies being built up.

Although some of the best nappy bins include an odour blocking or protection feature, this doesn’t always work once you have a large build-up of dirty nappies. 

If how often you need to change your nappy bin, factors into your decision regarding which nappy disposal system is the best for you then maybe a more conventional bin is for you.

Once you have changed your nappy bin a few times, you might find that you still get a bit of a lingering smell inside the bin itself. If you get this, you should consider giving your bin a deep clean.

The best way to deep clean a bin is to start by filling up the bin with a cleaning solution. The best way to do this is to add a small amount of bleach followed by a few tablespoons of washing up liquid then half fill your bin with boiling water from the kettle or your tap if it goes to a very hot temperature.

Allow the liquid to cool to the point where you can comfortably put your hand in, and using a sponge or dishcloth wipe the inside walls of the bin down. Make sure you pay special attention to the corners where the floor of the bin touches the walls. 

Empty the bin of the water and wipe down the sides and dry them with a dry cloth. Put your bin back together and refill with a cartridge or bin liner and you are set to go.

After all, is said and done, empty your bin as much as possible and try not to let it sit full for too long. If you do find yourself with a smelly or lingering bin smell, then you can give it a deep clean to really refresh the bin and put it back to new condition.