How Often Should I Wash My Baby?

October 22, 2021 @ 8:10 am

How Often Should I Wash My Baby?

We all assume that having a baby means a nightly bath and bedtime routine. Many babies love bath time and it can help them wind down and signal it is time for bed.

But you shouldn’t worry if a daily bath doesn’t fit into your routine.

Your baby doesn’t need a full bath every day to be clean. So how often should you wash your baby?

First Month

In their first month, your baby doesn’t need a daily bath.

In fact, until the umbilical stump falls off, a bath two or three times a week is enough. And you shouldn’t submerge your baby in water until their stump falls off.

Babies can be messy, spitting up milk frequently or suffering exploding nappies, and sometimes your little one will need to be wiped down more often.

That’s okay, you can wipe your baby down with a warm, damp cloth throughout the day.

Your baby will have their genital area cleaned frequently throughout the day, so don’t worry that failing to give them a daily bath will cause any issues.

How to bathe your newborn can be learned out here.

1-3 Months

By this age, you can usually fully submerge your baby in the water, letting them feel the water over their entire body.

A daily bath is still unnecessary, and you can continue to bathe your baby two or three times a week. If needed, you can wipe your baby down throughout the day with a warm, damp cloth.

Make sure you dry them properly, just as you would after a bath. Leaving their delicate skin damp, particularly in the creases around their neck or the folds of their legs, can cause irritation.

3-6 Months

A bath two or three times a week is still enough for a baby at this age. Bath times can be a source of fun for them, splashing water or blowing bubbles.

Having a bath as part of a bedtime routine can help your baby settle down for the night. If you bathe baby more than once or twice a week, think about the bubble bath and soaps you are using.

Your baby’s skin is still delicate at this age, and too much soap and fragrances can dry their skin out.

6-12 Months

By this age, your baby will be on the move a little – or a lot – crawling on their hands and knees, picking up all sorts. They will have moved onto solids and will love to create a mess with their food.

This combination means you may need to wash your baby more often than two or three times a week. You should still be careful of using bubble baths or soaps too often and upsetting their delicate skin.

If you find your baby sleeps better after a bath, continue to use it as part of their night-time routine – sleep is important for your baby and for you.

So, how often should you wash your baby? Two or three times a week is enough, but if a daily bath helps settle your baby, just be careful not to use products daily on sensitive baby skin.

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