How it works: Sangenic Nappy Bins

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am

This post was Written by Zoe Kirby

How Sangenic Nappy Bins Work and Benefit your life.

When you have a baby, you are welcomed into the world of dirty nappies and lack of sleep very quickly. On average, during their nappy-wearing life, babies go through approximately 5000 nappies – that’s a lot of nappy changing and a lot of trips to the bin. To make life easier for parents, you can try the innovative Sangenic Nappy Bin.

What is a Sangenic Nappy Bin?

The Sangenic Nappy bin is a simple and stylish solution to store dirty nappies away. With anti-bacterial protection from germs and odours, it helps keep your little one’s room clean and odour-free.

How does it Work? 

The Sangenic Nappy Bin individually wraps each dirty nappy in antibacterial film, which kills 99.99% of germs on contact and also helps stop it from smelling

The top of the bin fits a cassette containing the antibacterial film. You pop the dirty nappy into the well of the cassette and then twist the dial of the cassette to tightly wrap the nappy in the antibacterial film to protect against germs and odours.

Once that’s done, there is no need to push the nappy into the bin. The lid of the bin contains a plunger so all you need to do is close the lid and the bin does all the hard work, pushing the dirty nappy down, ready to receive the next package from your little one.

Not only that, but the bin is so easy to operate, you can do it with just one hand – no messing about trying to open fiddly nappy bags and then tie them. And no more frequent trips to the bin.

How do I empty one? 

Easy to fill, the bin is also just as easy to empty. The bin comes with a built-in cutter so when you are ready to empty the bin, you can cut the bag free with ease.

Twist the bag round the cutter. This snips the bag free from the bin. Tie the bag to keep the contents secure. Toss it out. The design of the Sangenic Nappy Bin has been thought through to keep it easy for parents.

These are great to use for newborns as they can have very smelly nappies and changing them can be difficult. 

How many nappies can it hold?

For a small bin, a Sangenic Nappy Bin can hold a surprisingly large amount of nappies – up to 28, in fact. Combine that with the antibacterial film that keeps odours and germs locked away, and this bin is a godsend for parents, reducing the need for you to empty the bin daily.

sangenic nappy bin

How do you change the refills?

Like everything else about the Sangenic Nappy Bin, changing the cassette is as simple as pull, push, tie and secure. Pull the antibacterial film out of the refill cassette.

Push the film through into the bin. Remove the bin lid. Next, tie a knot in the antibacterial film and then secure the knot under the hook. Pop the bin lid back on and you are ready to make your next deposit.