Does Cradle Cap Affect Hair Growth?

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

When your baby gets cradle cap, or any issue for that matter, you can’t but help wondering as parents will there be any long-term effect of this.

So, it’s natural to think that cradle cap, which looks very sore could affect hair growth in your baby in the months to come.

Cradle cap most common in the first three months so some children won’t even have hair yet but if you baby does have hair you might find that it falls out with the cradle cap or gets caught in the flakes and comes out.

If this does happen then you needn’t worry. There has been no evidence that cradle cap will affect the growth of hair in babies.

Hair loss in your infant can be down to a few things and not just cradle cap.

Sleeping positions, first jabs and hormones can all result in hair loss and sometimes there is just no reason and lots of babies will lose some if not all of their hair.

Short Term Effects 

The short term affects or symptoms you might get with cradle cap are relatively short and shouldn’t cause to much pain or any issues.

Crusty or Oily Scales – This is the main symptom of cradle cap and your first sign that your baby is suffering. They shouldn’t be itchy or painful but can cause thick white or yellow scales that can be difficult to remove.

Mild redness around the area – The scales can cause mild patches of red skin to form around the affected area

Fluid leaking from Crusty parts – If you find that your little one is getting fluid leaking from the crusty areas you need to see a GP

Crusts starting to bleed – If you see any blood in the affected area this could be a sign of infection and you need to see a doctor.

Swelling – If the area looks or feel swollen this can be another sign of infection.

If you are treating cradle cap and see no improvement after a few weeks then you should consult a health care professional about the next steps.

Long Term Effects

Cradle cap should clear up in most cases before your baby’s first birthday. The chance of it still being present dramatically decreased over the 3 years following. 

If you child suffers after they have turned four, you might find that this is a long-term problem and will affect your child well into adulthood. 

That being said, although you might find your little one will suffer from cradle cap well into their adult years, there and no long-term side effects of cradle cap that are known of.

Final Thoughts

If you are still concerned about the long-term effects or whether cradle cap can affect hair growth, then you need not worry.

Although in some rare cases your baby might lose their hair with cradle cap it will undoubtedly grow back in the few months after it cleared up.

You have nothing to worry about and should just try to clear it up using a remedy or cradle cap shampoo.