Do You NEED a Nappy Bin? 

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am

This post was Written by Zoe Kirby

When you tell people, you are having a baby, everyone will have ideas about the must-have items you will need to buy before your baby arrives.

If you bought every item people suggested, you would spend thousands of pounds before your baby even arrives.

So, when it comes to drawing up your list of must-haves against your list of wants, on which side does a nappy bin belong? and do I need a nappy bin? 

What Is a Nappy Bin?

As a new parent, you will quickly get used to changing nappies – and the smell that often accompanies them!

A nappy bin offers a convenient place to put those used nappies to save you making frequent trips to the bin.

It also keeps the smell contained, unlike your normal household waste bin.

If you opt to purchase a nappy bin that offers antibacterial properties, a nappy bin can help keep germs and bugs at bay, protecting you and your family.

Your normal household waste bin doesn’t usually offer odour protection and antibacterial properties.

Why Do I Need a Nappy Bin

A need is something that is essential or important rather than just desirable.

If you decide not to purchase a nappy bin, you can use your normal waste bin to dispose of used nappies.

So, it’s perhaps not essential. But is it important?

As a new parent, your day will be filled with lots of things you need to do and take care of.

If you can do something or buy a product that will reduce those tasks and give you more time with your little one, that would be a benefit.

A nappy bin will reduce the number of trips to the bin – indoor and outdoor! – with used nappies.

You can keep the nappy bin next to your baby’s changing mat, making it easy to simply reach over and pop the used nappy bin in the bin rather than heading to the kitchen to use the general household bin, or having to pop outside to put the dirty nappies in the bin.

Most nappy bins are also easy to use, as they come with cassettes that seal the nappies inside individual bags or wrap them tightly, without you having to do anything more than pop the used nappy inside the bin and press the lid down.

No more time wasted trying to pull out nappy bags and prise them open and then tie them up.

When you consider how many nappies your baby will go through in their lifetime, that is a lot of time saved!

So, a nappy bin might not be classed as essential as there are other options to dispose of your baby’s used nappies.

But given all the benefits it offers, including saving you time, a nappy bin can be classed as important and should be on your must-have list when thinking about what you need to buy before your baby arrives.

If you are still unsure on what nappy bin to purchase, we have put together a great guide on the best nappy bins in 2021 which can be viewed here