10 Best Travel Cots (Reviewed by UK Parents) In 2022

Last Updated on January 5, 2022
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Our Choice for the Best Travel Cot

Maxi-Cosi Iris

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You want to make sure your travel cot can be used as your baby grows and changes.


Has a comfortable foam mattress for a better night’s sleep.

Comes with a travel bag for easier transportation

This lightweight (6kg) travel cot is easy to carry and it folds to a compact size


Not suitable for children over three years of age

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BabyBjörn Travel Cot

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for a cot that you can set up in seconds.


This cot is completely free from hazardous substances and materials. The textiles and materials are designed to be kind to your baby’s skin

It is easy to move around once it has been set up, making it great for small rooms with less space

The cot comes with a soft, comfortable mattress with a built-in plate that keeps the cot firmly on the floor


The sides of the cot are high and not adjustable which can make it difficult to put your child into the cot

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Graco Compact Travel Cot

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for a quality product, that is easy to assemble, but has a lower cost attached.


The easy-view mesh means you can see your child when they are sleeping.

This is one of the best budget travel cots. The cost is significantly lower than other cots.

The travel bag has a useful handle and strap fastenings for a secure hold.


A mattress is not included with this travel cot

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Red Kite Sleep Tight

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for an award-winning travel cot for a very reasonable cost.


This travel cot is great value for money. You get an award-winning, high-quality cot for a reasonable cost.

The top of the cot has padded edges and top rails to keep little hands safe.

The easy-view mesh sides are great for easily checking on your little ones as they sleep.


The fabric of the cot is not removable and is not machine washable

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Hauck Disney Dream n Play

best travel cots

This travel cot is great for Disney fans! Mickey is printed onto the side of the cot making for a nice-looking design.

The sides of the cot are made from mesh and measure 128 x 69cm and 76cm high.

When you fold this travel cot up and put it in the travel bag that’s included, its measures 22 x 21 x 76cm.

It’s nice and quick to set up and pack away and you can use it up until your baby is 15kg.

There is an included mattress that comes with the cot but a different one is recommended.

Buy this if:


You are looking for a cot that doubles as a playpen.


Suitable up to 15kg

Mickey Mouse Design

Only weighs 7kg


The included mattress isn’t the one they recommend


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Graco Contour Electra

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for a cot that has all the special features you could possibly want to keep your child safe, soothed, and entertained


It has a sturdy base mattress for a comfortable sleep

Two wheels are attached to the base of the cot for easy transportation from room to room

The changing unit and all other special features are detachable and removable


Heavier than expected at nearly 12.95kg


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iSafe Rest & Play

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for a travel cot that is large enough to double as a playpen, keeping your child safe and entertained


Four mesh side panels

Padded frame for extra protection

Suitable for older toddlers


The mattress is not included and will have to be purchased separately


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Kinderkraft Bedside Travel Cot

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You want to co-sleep with your baby while still being reassured that they are in a safe and secure cot


The cot comes with a comfortable mattress with a protective coating and a cotton fitted sheet.

The height is adjustable to five different levels.

The material is easy to clean.


Only suitable for babies up to six months of age


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Babylo Natura Folding Travel Cot

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for style and substance with the added bonus of a rocking feature.


A comfortable and supportive mattress is included.

Floor base pedals allow parents to utilise the rocking feature or they can set it to immobile

Folds away quickly and easily


Not suitable for babies above 6 months of age


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Hauck Travel Cot

best travel cots

Buy this if:


You are looking for travel cots for babies that will grow with them


Six-part travel cot

The changing mat is detachable and can simply be clicked into place

Mesh sides allow increased visibility and ventilation


It can be difficult to assemble and put down and may require extra strength


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The Best Travel Cots Buying Guide & FAQ

What is the Best Cot to Buy?


Choosing the best travel cot from so many fantastic options was difficult. We considered several factors to help us make our decision, including the design, the ease of transport and assembly, and the mattress. The clear winner for us was the Maxi-Cosi Iris 2-in-1 Compact Travel Cot.

Not only is this one of the best travel cots for babies it can also be adapted as your child grows. The cot is simple to use and folds compactly into a useful traveling bag. It is also super lightweight – a huge bonus for parents traveling with multiple bags and suitcases.

The elegant colours and wooden frame make this cot stylish and luxurious.

One of the stand-out features of this travel cot is the mattress. At 4cm thick, it is comfortable and will make your child feel like they are sleeping in their bassinet at home.


What Makes the Best Portable Cot?

Deciding what makes the best travel cot depends on what is important to you. Different families have different uses and needs for their cot so what is important to one family may be less important to another.

Portables cots are used more frequently by some families than others. Some families use them in the same location every time, whereas others use them only for travel purposes. Below are some of the most popular things people look for when choosing a portable cot.

Pack down Speed:

If you plan to use your portable cot when traveling or when your child visits family, a cot that is easy to take down and quick to pack away may be the best option for you. Many travel cots come with an easy-fold design that enables the cot to be packed away in seconds.


If your baby is going to be using the cot frequently and sleeping in there overnight, comfort is likely to be one of your top priorities. Many of the best travel cots come with a mattress for a more comfortable sleep. Some do not have a mattress but instead have a padded base. Although these can also be comfortable, you need to decide what you prefer for your baby.

Can it be used as a playpen?:

A travel cot that doubles as a playpen is preferable for many parents. The opportunity to use the cot for sleeping and play can make life much easier for parents who are traveling. A cot that can be used as a playpen should be larger than average and have a soft and comfortable base. Some of the more popular options will also come with additional features such as a zip-down side and toy basket.


There are several things to consider in regards to material. Firstly, you want to make sure the material is designed to be kind to your baby’s skin and contains no hazardous materials or chemicals. You may also want to consider whether the material is machine washable or wipe clean.


The weight of travel cots can vary greatly. The weight should be stated in the product description so always consult this beforehand. Generally, the weight of a travel cot will be between 6kg-8kg.


Things to consider when buying a travel cot


If you plan to travel on public transport or by aeroplane, you may want to make sure that your travel cot is portable. Many cots are small enough and light enough to carry easily and these are the best option for many parents.

It is also possible to purchase travel cots that come with a bag that has a shoulder strap or carrying handle for increased portability.

You may also want to consider a travel cot that is easy to move around once it is assembled. You can consider having wheels underneath the travel cot. Lightweight cots with wheels are easy to move from room to room, meaning you don’t have to take it down and reassemble it every time you want to use it.

How to Clean:

Choosing a travel cot that is easy to clean can be a lifesaver for many parents. We all know how messy children can be! Look for a cot that has a removable frame cover and a removable mattress cover for the easiest clean.

Additional Features:

There are several additional features to consider when buying a travel cot. These include a changing table, a nightlight, a rocking feature, a detachable side for co-sleeping, a side that zips down, a toy basket, or hanging toys – there are so many features to consider! Think about what is important to you and your baby and which of the features you are most likely to use.


Are Travel Cots Worth it?

Deciding whether a travel cot is worth it really depends on your lifestyle and how much you are likely to use it. Many parents find them worthwhile because, not only can they be used as a bassinet, many of them can also double up as a playpen.

Some travel cots can be pricy, and although they are more likely to be made from luxurious materials, have a stylish look and come with additional features, if you are not likely to use the cot often, you could always invest in one of the best budget cots. These are relatively low in price but are still functional for your baby.


What Age Can a Baby Sleep in a Travel Cot?

The answer to this question varies with each travel cot. Some cots are suitable for newborns and have a detachable bassinet that can be taken out as your baby grows. Some are only appropriate from 6 months of age but can last until your child is three or four years of age.

Some are only suitable for a younger baby and cannot be used once your baby has exceeded a particular weight or length. Consult the product description or manual carefully to ensure that the cot is the correct size for your child.


Are Travel Cots Safe?

This is a question we hear often. Let’s face it, the safety of our children is always paramount.

All cots in the U.K. must meet the European Safety Standards. This means a cot cannot be sold to you unless it is fully compliant with safety rules.

However, as with any cot, you should make sure that you are following safe sleeping practices. Use the original mattress that comes with the cot. If you are required to buy the mattress separately, always choose one that is recommended by the manufacturer or fits exactly with the size specifications.

Additionally, ensure you use a fitted sheet and that there is no loose material that can find its way onto your baby’s face.


How to Get Your Baby Used to a Travel Cot

Going on a trip to find that your baby doesn’t like sleeping in their travel cot can be a disaster for many parents. As a matter of fact, it is more likely that your baby is confused by the change in their sleeping arrangements and isn’t used to sleeping in a different bassinet.

To help your baby get used to their travel cot, you should put your baby into the cot to sleep for a few nights before your trip. This gives them a chance to test out the cot and you’re likely to find that they like it just as much as they like their cot at home.

Having a familiar sleeping area that they like being in will also make it much easier for your baby to adapt to their new environment – making the trip much less stressful for you and your child.