Best Toys for Four Year Old Boys (Review) in 2021

December 2, 2021 @ 9:09 am
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Best Toys for Four Year Old Boys

Jaques of London Let’s Play Construction Bench

jaques of london construction bench
Stimulates imaginative play
Develops Motor Skills
Small in Scale

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Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Woody and Bullseye

Develops imaginative play through role-play
Relative scale in size to the characters in the movie
Woody sits on Bullseye steadily
Tricky to Remove from Packaging

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Lego Creative Large Construction Brick

Easy to use, pieces fit solidly together
790 pieces can create hours of play and enjoyment
Suitable for adults and children
Premium price

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Kid K’Nex Budding Builders Set

100 pieces for more imaginative play
Durable and solid fixing pieces
Handy storage box
Premium price

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Enllonish Creative Magic Panel

Develops hand-eye coordination
Develops long period concentration
Easy to grip and tidy away
Requires 2x AA batteries, not included

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Easy to use
Long 500ft range
Durable crash-proof bumper
Batteries require frequent change

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Dinosaur Toys Truck

Handy to carry and push around features
Twelve dinosaurs included with storage space for everyone
Flimsy doors on truck

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Magnetic Building Blocks

Easy to use
Bright, visually stimulating colours
Compact and easy to tidy away
Would be better with more pieces

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EUTOYS Lets Go: Binoculars for Kids

Rubber, lightweight, durable material
8x focus for great viewing
Grow with your child
Can be tricky to learn at first

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The Best Toys for Four Year Old Boys Buying Guide & FAQ

My recommended best toys for four-year-old boys are the toys I found were most suitable and the most frequently played with by my son. His favourite and most played with is certainly the Lego; I think he particularly enjoyed this because myself and my husband were also enthusiastic about building and creating with the Lego blocks too.

We love to go on outdoor adventures and the binoculars encourage outdoor exploring. We also find they are a great tool to promote discussion-based learning from what he discovers outside.

If you are still unsure on what toys are best for four-year-old boys I have answered the most frequently asked questions I get below.

Factors to Consider when buying Toys for Four Year Old Boys

Interests: When I buy a new toy for my four-year-old boy I take into consideration a number of factors. Firstly, would it engage him? He is currently interested in Dinosaurs and role-pay toys such as drilling and construction toys because he has seen his daddy using tools at home. The first thing to check is your child’s interests.

Educational: Another factor I check is if it is educational or will develop their key skills. Role-play toys are great for developing confidence, communication and imaginative play which prepares them for social settings. There are also toys, as recommended above which will develop their concentration and motor skills.

Price: Lastly, I always consider price. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a toy which I think he will bore of in six months. However, I do not mind splurging on something I know will last him. I have considered the costs when making my best toys for four-year-old boys recommendations and have only included higher-priced items which are great toy investments.

Q: What sort of toys does a four year old boy play with?

Four-year-old boys are at that stage where they are likely to still enjoy pre-school toys but are also starting to get into more mature toys. In my “best toys for four-year-olds” recommended list I have included a variety of both. Depending on the mood my son is in he will swap from a pre-school style of screwdriver set to a more grown-up and educational dinosaur truck toy in the space of an hour.

It is good to have toy variety as your child is growing and discovering more about what they like and don’t like. I have included a lot of variety within my recommendations to make shopping easier for you.

Q: How many toys should a four year old boy have?

It’s difficult to determine how many toys exactly your four-year-old boy needs. There are a number of factors which include the storage space available, how many does he actually play with, are they broken? etc. There is a suggested “20 toy rule” wherein you allow your child to pick twenty toys that are the most important to them. This allows you the chance to explain why it is important to donate toys they aren’t particularly fond of and it creates a habit of getting rid of toys that are broken. As they get older, they will find this clearing out much easier and learn to not hoarder what they don’t really need or want.