Best Things to do on a Rainy Day with your Children

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

Things to do on a rainy day

You’ve had it planned for weeks – you throw open the curtains and realise that your family day out has been washed away like a lost dream. And the weather forecast says it’s only going to get wetter.

However, a downpour of a day shouldn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy some quality, family time together.

A ‘homestay play day’ can be extremely good for your mental health and much easier on the wallet.

You planned to have a day off, so ignore the housework and use it to have some fantastic fun with your children.

Try these ideas…


Ignore all those ‘super-mum’ preachy blogs and don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t got a baking cupboard stuffed full of expensive ingredients, designer muffin trays, and the latest cooking technology.

Instead, see what you do have and/or grab a few eggs, flour, sugar, and access to a recipe.

Not a confident chef? Why not ‘cheat’ by letting your children choose a ready-made ‘mix’ for fairy cakes, muffins, cookies, etc? Or you could get yourself a toddler-friendly cookbook and create something yummy together.

The excitement is in the messy mixing, licking the bowl, getting sticky, and eating.

And while your creations are baking, enjoy washing up your mess together in a soapy sink.

Camp Indoors!

First, make up a simple picnic of your family’s favourite foods then raid the loft, garage, storeroom for all those miniature tents, wigwams and windcheaters that you haven’t used for ages.

For even more fun, make your own tents using whatever you can get your hands on – sheets, duvets, blankets, tables, chairs and clothes drying frames etc.

Throw in a few cushions then squeeze into your ‘tent’ together to enjoy your picnic. Play games or even make some shadow animals using a torch. If you have the room, invite your toys and make it a terrific teddy bears picnic too!

Get Wet!

If it’s good enough for Pepper Pig, it’s good enough for all of us.

Summer grey skies and moderate rain never did anyone any harm so, pull those wellies on, wrap up in waterproofs and hats, and simply get outdoors and splash around in the puddles.

Go for a walk in the park, trudge through the mud on the local public access field or simply squirt each other with water pistols or blasters in the garden, if you have one.

Remember – take towels with you and a change of shoes if you need to get back in the car.


Make Slime!

Slime is easy to make and fantastic fun.
For basic ingredients, all you need is a contact lens solution, PVA glue, a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, food colouring of your choice, and a tin of shaving foam (for fluffiness).

One of the most amazing things about homemade slime is that you can personalise it by adding glitter, sequins, beads, glow-in-the-dark pigments, and even buttons.

Hundreds of easy recipes and methods can be found on the internet and ingredients can be as bizarre or funny as your children want them to be.

Always supervise children playing with homemade or bought slime.

Chill Together!

Everyone deserves an opportunity to wind down and chill out – even your children!
Why not ignore the mess and choose to watch a movie or a television program together that you all enjoy?
You could even treat yourselves to the one you haven’t seen yet.

Fill up the popcorn bowl, get out the juices or hot chocolates and cuddle up together on the sofa with a fluffy throw, some soft cushions and some cakes you made earlier.

Don’t get distracted and disappear to do the housework – this is still your day off and an important opportunity to chill with your children. Aside from chilling, you can also opt to get some games out and play together, read our list of the best toys for children to check out some really cool ones!


Get a Ball Pit

Ball pits are great fun and don’t need to cost a bomb. You can usually pick up a decent-sized ball bit and a few hundred balls for less than £50. We love a ball pit and even have a guide on the best ball pits for your kids. Check it out and get playing. 

A ball pit can be a great way to keep your kids active even when going outside isn’t ideal. Make sure to always prep the play area first and remove all objects that could cause harm. 


Get a Small Indoor Climbing Frame

A small indoor climbing frame can not only make being stuck indoors exciting but also provide hours and hours of fun over several years. Most of the ones available online can also be used outside when its a bit of a nicer day and playing outside is suitable! 



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