8 Best Steiff Bears for Babies (Review) in 2021

December 2, 2021 @ 9:09 am
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Best Steiff Bears for Babies

1. Paddington Bear by Steiff

Steiff has transformed a loveable great British icon into an adorably handsome cuddly bear. The plush Paddington Bear by Steiff stands at 28cm tall; he is fully jointed with moveable arms, legs and head. He wears his well-known red wide-brimmed hat and blue duffle coat with beautifully hand embroidered toggles.

Paddington is a charming character first depicted in 1958 by Micheal Bond in a series of books. He is a world-famous iconic fictional character loved by children throughout the ages. Including in recent years after the release of 2 hugely successful animated films based on his London adventures, misfortunes and his epic Journey from ‘darkest Peru’.

This charming chap complete with both signature Paddington and Steiff labels will create fond memories to last a lifetime and will conjure feelings of nostalgia. Suitable for all ages. This bear is the perfect play-mate for any Paddington fanatic!


Themed like Paddington Bear

Jointed bear, meaning he can sit

Suitable from Birth


Doesnt come with a box

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2. My First Steiff

My first Steiff makes the perfect baby cuddle companion. This bear is designed to be loved, cuddled, bent, and pulled around by little hands. It is made from super soft beige plush, perfect for being against babies’ skin.

The eyes, smile, and nose are all hand embroidered and provide the maximum safety standards. The right paw is also hand-stitched with the words ‘My First Steiff’.

My first Steiff will make an excellent first companion for any child, and at 24cm tall, it is an ideal size for little hands. Providing both comfort and closeness.

If you are looking for an extra special, quality, and unique new baby gift, then My First Teddy Bear is the right choice for you. Unlike other bears which are more rigid, these bears are soft, cuddly, and will make the perfect snuggling partner. 


Perfect Baby Keepsake

Machine Washable 

Handmade by Steiff


Steiff Tag is Stainless Steel

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3. Suitcase Steiff

What is better than a Steiff bear you say? How about a Steiff bear that arrives safely packed inside his own little suitcase?

Fynn Teddy Bear is made out of cuddly soft beige plush. This charming bear has moveable arms and legs; he is able to sit and stand when propped up. He is and is 28cm tall and is the ideal size for snuggling in the arms of his human companion. The adorable little brown suitcase features various travel style stickers and space for the owner to write their name.

He is machine washable at 30°C and suitable for children over the age of 3. This bear is a lovable little character, and as with all Steiff bears, he is safe and excellent quality.

Fynn is a great gift for mini travellers who like going on adventures far and wide. Perhaps for a child who frequently travels or who is moving home or even as a special birthday gift. He is the perfect bear to share your journeys with.


Comes with suitcase

Suitable for 3 Years and up


Very Small in Size

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4. Steiff Sleep Well in a Dress

This Steiff Sleep Well Bear is made from super soft beige plush. She is 25cm tall and can be machine washed at 30°C. She is suitable from birth, with the recommended age being 0-18months. She wears a very pretty pink and white spotted cotton dress with a tutu style skirt, collar, frilled shoulders and a hand-sewn incredibly adorable embroidered bear face with an iconic tagged ear. The beautiful pink dress can be removed which children will have endless dressing up fun with.

The Steiff Sleep Well Bear is designed to be soft, gentle and an irresistible cuddle companion providing hours of comfort. As always with Steiff, this bear is handcrafted to the highest of standards.

This bear would make an exquisite and unique baby girl gift for giving to a newborn or to a mum to be at her baby shower. She will make the perfect addition to any pretty pink nursery.


Comes Wearing a Pretty Dress

Suitable from 0 Months

Machine Washable


Doesnt come in a box

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5. Peter Rabbit Steiff

peter rabbit steiff

This Steiff Peter Rabbit is a remarkable replica of Beatrix Potter’s fictional character. His main body has dark brown plush fur, and he has white hair on his belly, around his eyes, on his little tail and thumping paws. The most adorable feature of this much-loved character has to be his signature blue jacket with hand-sewn bronze buttons.

Steiff Peter Rabbit stands at 30cm tall and has jointed arms, legs and head. If he gets too muddy from pulling up carrots and radishes then can be machine washed at 30°C.

Peter Rabbit is a character loved by all ages. He was created by Beatrix Potter in 1902 in a series of very successful books. In recent years he has been brought back to life with a long-standing cartoon and a very successful live-action/computer-animated film.

Steiff has beautifully captured the essence of Peter rabbit with this collectable plush toy. This Steiff bunny is a must-have item for any Beatrix Potter fan.


Suitable from Birth

30cm Tall + Ears

Three Way Jointed


Doesnt Include Steiff Box

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6. Classic Steiff

Everyone loves tradition, that’s what makes this Classic Steiff Teddy Bear so popular. This delightful stuffed teddy bear is based on the original ‘Bear 55PB’ design created by Richard Steiff in 1920, one of the most famous bears in the world!

The bear is made from the finest of Mohair. His coat is light brown in colour, he has beige felt paw pads, brown glass eyes and a hand-stitched black mouth and nose. He is fully jointed using the revolutionary Steiff 5 way disc jointing system. This exquisite bear stands at 25cm and is surface washable.

Although the Classic Steiff Teddy Bear is based on a 1920 design, it will never go out of fashion. In fact, these bears are famous collector’s items which will appreciate in value over time -an elegant little bear which will be passed through generations and loved for many years to come.


5 Way Jointed

Collected Items

5 Years and Up


Hand Washable

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7. Collectors Edition Steiff

collectors steiff

The Steiff British Collectors Bear is a very handsome charmer that any recipient will no doubt fall in love with. He is a Spring 2020 collector’s item with only 2000 of this bear made. This bear is skillfully handwoven with the finest golden mohair which has a subtle curl to it. He is fully jointed using the traditional Steiff 5-way disc system. Inside he has an iconic tilt growler to warn away predators. He has brown glass endearing and captivating eyes. This British collectors edition is based on Richard Steiff’s original bear with the addition of a smart double blue and yellow satin ribbon.

Collector bears are not designed to be played with but are decorative and very valuable. He can only be surfaced washed.

This bear has a white limited edition button ear tag and comes with his very own numbered certificate inside an elegant Steiff gift box.

He is a handcrafted work of art, an exclusive Steiff teddy bear and limited to only 2000 pieces making this a perfect investment piece.


37cm Tall 

5 Way Jointed

Investment Opportunity


Not Suitable for Young Children to Play With

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8. Elephant Steiff

elephant steiff

This fluffy Elephant playmate is from Steiff’s ‘Cuddly Friend Collection’. He is made with 100% ultra-soft polyester and is 30cm tall- just the right size for little hands. He is baby blue in colour with grey striped feet, white tusks, black safety eyes and blue/white loop tags.

His striped fur, loop tags and long trunk create an interactive sensory experience beneficial for young children.

Luckily he is machine washable at 30°C because this elephant is made to be cuddled, played with and dragged around which may leave him a bit grubby.

If you love Steiff but want something a little different for a baby gift, then this lovable little elephant will make the perfect cuddle companion and playmate for any child. This endearing fellow will have a whole baby shower crowd swooning at its cuteness.


Soft Enough from 1 Month

Machine Washable 

30cm Tall


Not available in other colours

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Best Steiff Bears Buying Guide & FAQ

As you can see, Steiff has a varied soft toy collection with something for almost everyone! And picking the best Steiff bear for children proves for a tough choice. Whether you are looking for a baby shower gift, a collector’s piece or just that extra special something for a loved one, whichever Steiff you choose we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. These are the top 8 best Steiff bears for children and will bring joy to any children’s face and be loved for many years to come.

 Gift a Steiff bear and you will be gifting a child a friend for life.

Why are Steiff Bears so Expensive

Every single Steiff creation is made to the very highest of standards and will last for an eternity which is why they come with a higher price tag. With Steiff you pay for quality craftsmanship, the bears are made for longevity and are passed onto children over many generations.

Not all of their range are expensive collector’s items, they also have a range of very affordable soft toys, some of which we have featured above. Don’t think of them as expensive but think of them as investment pieces for your child’s future.

Are Steiff Bears a Good Investment

Yes, bears such as the Collectors Edition Steiff are exclusive and limited to only 2000 pieces which makes them an excellent investment. Rare Steiff bears are very popular and sort after collector’s pieces that are often sold for high ticket prices. An amazing example of this is in 1994 a Steiff bear called ‘Teddy Girl’ made international headlines when it sold for an incredible £110,000.

Their emotional appeal, exclusive designs and precision craftsmanship are what makes these bears a wonderful investment piece to cherish for many years to come and also increase in value.

Where Do Steiff Bears Come From

Steiff is a German-based company which was founded by Margarete Steiff in a workroom within her family home in 1880. Her first creations were a range of felt animals for children. These felt toys were showcased for the first time at the Leipzig Toy Fair.

In 1897 Margarete was joined by her creative nephew Richard Steiff. He was a brilliant artist who had a particular interest in brown bears and wanted to capture their essence in a soft toy. Richard then went on to design the first jointed teddy bear which took the world by storm and was named one of the best Steiff bears for children.

Through the years Steiff has become a worldwide premium soft toy brand.

How do you Clean a Steiff Bear?

Cleaning your Steiff bear depends on one which bears you have. Some can be thrown into the washing machine and others need a bit more care and attention.

Cuddly Steiff’s such as Steiff Sleep Well and My First Steiff are aimed at little ones from 0-18 months. They are made to be played with, cuddled, and don’t have moveable joints therefore these can be machine washed at 30°C.

Steiff bears such as the Collectors Edition Steiff and the Classic Steiff need to be gently surfaced washed with a mild detergent.

Each Steiff bear will come with its own set of washing instructions.

What to look for when buying a Steiff Bear

There are several things to look out for when purchasing a Steiff Bear and it really does depend on who you are buying for and how they will end up using the bear.

Rarity – Lots of people invest in Steiff Bears and the successfullness of these invesntments can depend on the rarity of the bear. The rarer the bear the higher the value and some of these bears have been sold over £1,500,000.

Size – Size can play a huge part in deciding on which Steiff bear to go for, if you are buying for a new born baby then a Steiff bear thats slightly smaller in size might be more suitable whereas if you are buying for a toddler then you can go with something bigger.

Personalisation – Steiff bears can be personilised and this obviosuly makes them alot more personal to the recipent. But this is also something that can affect the value if you ever wanted to resell. Trying to sell something thats personalised to another person can limit your potential buys and therefore drive the price down of your investment.

Limited Edition – Steiff also offer a limited edition range, these include all kinds of Steiff bears from Peter Rabbit and Whinee the Pooh and lots of other Disney charactors and other collectors edition Steiff bears.