The 10 Best Night lights for Babies in 2022

Last Updated on May 13, 2022

Todays Guide: Zoe Kirby

Are you trying currently trying to find the best night light so that your child can have a stressless night’s sleep?

It’s difficult to know what the best night light is as there is just so many in the marketplace. I remember trying to decide on a night light for my youngest it was so difficult to know which one would be best.

One of the best night lights for babies is the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Night Light.

I remember spending hours looking at the different options that are available just so that I could find the perfect night light when in reality buying one if much more benefitial than searching for one! All of the night lights for babies on our list are Toddler Review certified but will be great for your little one.

In my personal experience…

It is important to buy a light that will give you enough light in the room without making it too dark. Being able to control the device remotely from your phone is very useful as it means that you don’t risk waking the sleeping baby.

Our choice for the best night lights for babies and children


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Night Light

best baby changing table

Buy this if:


You want a night light you can control via your phone


Night light can be controlled remotely using a phone, tablet or Android device.

This device is suitable for all ages from newborn babies to school age children

This is an all in one device, as it features a night light, sound machine and a time to rise alarm.


This night light works using mains electric, therefore not ideal if there is no socket near the cot/bed

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Fedetkey Rechargeable Multi-Colour Night Light

nursery essentials

Buy this if:


You want a Night light that will last all week on a single charge


This night light offers a comfortable and cosy level of light

Touch activated

This night light offers eye protection with a delicate light


This device only works as a night light and doesn’t offer any other features.

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Lumie Bedbug Bedside Light

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Buy this if:


You want a more fun, child-friendly night light.


This night light is fully adjustable making it easy to adjust the brightness

This night light comes with a 3-year warranty

This night light offers a versatile sunset colour change with a gradually fading light, which promotes gentle relaxation and sleepiness making it easy for the child to settle


This night light works only off the electrical mains

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Tommie Tippee App-Enabled Sleep Trainer Clock

best baby night light

Buy this if:


Tommee Tippee is a brand you trust


This night lights are ideal for letting the child know when its time to go to sleep and when it’s time to get up

This device can be controlled remotely using a free app on a phone or other device

This night light features 5 lullabies and five natural sounds, which will help the child to relax and fall asleep


These night lights only come with a USB cable and no mains plug

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Cacchino Musical Baby Light

best baby night light

Buy this if:


You are looking for a baby projector night light


It’s in the shape of a whale, therefore is sure to be a hit with most young ones

These lights are able to create a mesmeric scene of stars on the wall or ceiling whilst playing relaxing sounds

The sound machine on these lights can play a range of soothing sounds including ten nursery rhymes, soothing heartbeat sounds and relaxing bird sounds


It only works using AAA batteries, therefore care needs to be taken to ensure that spare batteries are available

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Tommee Tippee Penguin 2-in-1 Portable Night Lamp

best baby night light

Buy this if:


You baby loves penguins and you want a reliable product


This device is a friendly penguin shape that will look good in any child’s room

This device features a soft silicone egg, which can be removed and used on its own

This device is reassuring whilst being small and tactile


It does not feature any type of sound machine

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Sweet Ponies Baby Chicken Egg

best baby night light

Buy this if:


Baby Chickens are Cute 


This device has a rechargeable battery and comes complete with a USB cable for charging

This product is both a toy and a very useful lamp

This lamp is very easy to use and toddlers will be able to operate it


This product does not feature any sounds

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Oowolf Touch Control Baby Night Lamp

best baby night light

Buy this if:


You are looking for a lamp that can be used as your child grows


This device is easy to use and is operated through touch

This product features a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable.

This device is designed to withstand impact and is scratchproof


This night lamp does not feature any sounds or image projector

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Sweet Ponies LED Unicorn Lamp

best baby night light

Buy this if:


You aren’t great at remebering to recharge things


This unicorn lamp can be used whilst charging and can be operated using mains electricity

When powered by the battery the lamp goes into standby mode after 15 minutes, which helps save the energy in the battery

This product is unicorn-shaped which makes it very popular with children


The brightness isn’t enough for reading bedtime stories

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Tommee Tippee GroEgg 2

best baby night light

Buy this if:


You want a thermometer and night light in one


These sleep lights have a built-in thermometer with an easy to read digital display

Brightness can be changed using the easy touch feature

This device makes it possible to create the perfect environment for the little one to sleep


These need to be plugged into the mains for them to work, which is not always ideal

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The best night lights buying guide and FAQ


What is the best night light for a child?

The best night light for babies and toddlers will vary from one to another as it will depend greatly on the requirements of the baby.

It is a good idea to opt for a device that can be controlled remotely as this means that you can change it or switch it off without risking upsetting the baby. 

From the devices that have been reviewed the best one would be the Hatch Baby Rest as it can be controlled from your phone.

Should you use a night light?

Using a night light can be a very useful way to add a bit of light to the bedroom and it can also make it easier for those toilet trips during the night or feeding sessions. 

What should you look for from your night light?

One of the most important things to look for in night lights for kids is that they emit enough light to be able to find their way through the house or softly light up a room. 

Lights emissions are measured in lumen and the best night lamps will emit less than 50 lumens.

Coloured sleep lights often work better as they can create a more relaxing atmosphere.

For younger children and babies a device that plays soothing music or nature sounds and features a nighttime projector may help to create a lovely atmosphere for the little one to nod off.

At what age should a child stop using a night light?

Most children will view night lights as a device that will protect them against monsters that they fear come out at night. 

Depending on the device that you opt for they can be used at the side of the bed or in the hallway to give a little light into the bedroom.

There is no specific age when you should stop using a night light, however, if it is causing more problems, then it may be time to remove it from the room. 

Before removing the device ensure that the toddler feels confident and ready to sleep in the dark, as this will ensure that they do not fear any harm when it is taken away. 

Can you leave it on all night?

Night lights have been specially designed to ensure that they do not heat up therefore they can safely be left on all night.

Can a Night light help your toddler overcome a fear of the dark?

One of the most important factors about a night lamp is the amount of light that it emits, as having too much in the bedroom will have a negative effect on the child being able to relax at bedtime.

Being to dark can be enough to scare a child so much that they are unable to sleep all night and a dim light can create shadows in the room, therefore, making the situation even scarier.