Best Games to Play with a Toddler

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am

This post was Written by Zoe Kirby

Best Games to Play with a Toddler

Children are like sponges, absorbing everything going on around them. This means that even when they are playing, they are learning.

The early years of their lives are a steep learning curve. Playing games with your toddler is fun but also helps your toddler learn.

Playing can involve parallel play, where they play side by side with you but can also involve interactive games where they engage with you and learn from you.

Imaginative play games can also be great fun for your toddler. Here are four ideal games to play with your toddler and help boost their learning.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a favourite for toddlers – and older children! It is an ideal game to teach your toddler how to solve a problem.

You can hide and ask them to find you, or you can seek while they hide. You can also ask them to hide an object that you can then try to find – and vice versa.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt helps boost your toddler’s observation skills. It is a simple game to customise and adapt as your toddler gets older and shows interest in different things.

For example, you can use it to teach maths. Turn it into a team game so your toddler can learn how to work as part of a team.

games to play with a toddler

Play Doh

Play-Doh is a favourite of many children. By letting your toddler play with Play-Doh, you are encouraging their creativity and helping them develop their fine motor skills.

And if the Play-Doh is a group activity, it helps improve social skills by teaching your toddler to share the Play-Doh and tools.

Colouring in

Colouring in is a staple activity for toddlers. It helps develop hand strength, important for any hand-related fine motor skills. Toddlers can be creative and show their independence.

It also gives them an outlet for self-expression. Who knew there were so many benefits to some paper and coloured pens?