8 Best Bath Toys (Review) in 2021

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am
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Best Bath Toys

Rubber Duck

cheap baby bath toys
Easy to Clean and Dry
Water Tight
Built-in Temp Gauge
Can Float Upside Down

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Sprinkler Toys

best baby bath toy
Doubles up as a Car Toy
Bright and Colourful Lights
Sprinkler System
Requires Batteries

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Baby Shark Bath Toy

premium baby bath toys
Sleep Mode after 4 Minutes
Sings and Swims
Water Activated
Requires Batteries

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Bath Watering Can

Easy for baby to hold
Adds a gentle Shower
Helps with Hand Eye Coordination
Not Suitable from Birth

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Tomy Toomies Octopals

Squirting Function
Suction Cups
Difficult to Dry

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Shower Pals Bath Toys

BPA Free
No Sharp Edges
4 Toys in 1
Suitable for 3 Years Above

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Floating Bath Balls

Suitable from 3 Months up
Easy to Dry
Rattles and Bobs
Can become Slippery when Wet

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Munchkin Bath Squirts


Fun game for bath time

Easy to Twist Apart and Dry

Different Styles available 


Easily come apart when you squeeze them

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Best Bath Toys Buying Guide & FAQ

How to be Safe with Electrical Bath Toys

A: Firstly, and most importantly, supervise your child at all times when playing with toys, especially battery-operated child toys in the bathtub.

Ensure any battery-operated toys suitable for the bath are watertight. It is important that they are watertight to prevent any water from getting into the battery area. While there isn’t a lot of power from batteries to cause an electrical injury, there is the chance that chemicals from the batteries could get into the bath water. Chemicals which your little one could then get into their mouths, so make sure you check that there is no chance of water leaking into the toy. No doubt, any water leakage will cause problems to the working function of the toy too and possibly even break it completely.

When bath time is over make sure the electrical toy is thoroughly dried with a towel to prevent possible condensation from getting in and damaging it.

How to Dry and Store Bath Toys

A: Baby bath toys create a happy bath time but the mess after can be less joyful. The worst thing to do though is to leave them lying in the bath as mould and mildew will start to grow on or inside the toy if they are not dried and stored correctly. It’s especially important around baby toys as they are likely to bite or chew on the toys when they are teething.

For squirty toys, ensure that the water is fully squeezed out of them. Towel dry or allow toys to air dry around, but not in, the bath.

Do not store baby bath toys in closed containers as any water that is remaining inside the toy will not dry effectively. Instead, there are lots of open spaced baskets and containers that can stick to the bath, wall and shower which are handy and more suitable for baby bath toys.


What to look for when Buying a Bath Toy

There is a huge choice of baby bath toys out there, knowing which one is right for you and your baby or toddler can be confusing. The first and most important key point to look for is age suitability. Always check the age of a product, you do not want to give a baby a toy with small parts which are likely to become loose and a choking hazard. Toy companies provide an age that they feel meets safety requirements for a child, as a parent it is important to take the age into consideration while also checking the product over to ensure you are confident this would be suitable for your child. Young children should always be under adult supervision when in the bath anyway, so they should also be supervised when playing with bath toys.

As well as the safety implications you also want to select age appropriate toys to keep your child engaged. A one year old won’t be as stimulated with a toy suitable from birth as a baby would.

Additional properties to look for when buying bath toys are BPA-free materials, smooth rounded edges for babies and durability.


My little one and I had lots of fun trying out a lot of baby bath toys as he was growing up, my recommended top eight are the products I found to be the most suitable and engaging for his age at various times.

To make it even easier for you, I have broken them down into categories of best popular brand, best musical, best hair washing, best safety reassurance, best watering can, best interactive floating, best educational and best light up baby bath toys. You can effortlessly pick a product which is most suitable for you and your baby’s needs.

As big baby shark fans in our house, we had a lot of fun with the Zuro Robo Alive Pinkfong Baby Shark, my little one loved singing along with it and whenever there was a tantrum coming on, we would remind him this toy was waiting for him in the bath and he was straight in.

We are also big fans of the Nuby watering can and the Munchkin toys as they are all very durable and suitable for him throughout a range of ages. The watering can is very easy to maintain and has lasted him a long time.