The 10 Best Ball Pits For Toddlers (Reviews) in 2022

Last Updated on February 9, 2022

Ball pits have always been a fan favourite. But you used to have to go to your local play centre to get any chance of diving into a ball pit.

The liklyhood is that the best ball pits are only going to be found at the large building style play centres but now you can bring some of that fun home with you with your very own ball pit for kids.

A top tip for owning a ball pit is to team it up with an indoor climbing frame how the maximum amount of fun!

There are a few different styles for kids ball pits such as foam ball pit, ball pit tent, and pop-up ball pits. You can also get some with a basketball hoop, an inflatable ball, and a play tent.

Our pick for the best ball pit for kids

KiddyMoon 90X40cm/300 Balls

best ball pits
Today’s top choice and product we recommend you buy Is the KiddyMoon ball pit. It comes in a size of 90cm square and 40cm deep making it great for one child.

You also get 300 balls with this ball pit which is plenty to fill the ball pits large area.

This product is suitable for any property due to its availability in light grey, dark grey, mint green, and baby pink. There are also option to have this with 200 balls, no ball, and in a slightly less deep size of 30cm.

The outside of the unit is non-toxic, safe for kids fabric, and is easy to remove as well as machine washable.

The balls are crush-proof and will return to their original shape if crushed.

Some ball pits come with balls and this one is no different. 300 balls are included with this product which you can choose from in a variety of colour pallets to suit your style choices.

This ball pit is suitable from birth so it’s a great investment. You can also fit a beanbag inside this so it’s comfy for kids to watch tv shows or movies.

Buy this if:

You want a long-lasting ball pit that is suitable from birth.
You don’t want to purchase your balls separately


Non-Toxic Cover

Includes 300 Balls

Available in lots of Styles


Very easy for balls to come out of the pit resulting in lots of clean-up after play.

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Implay Soft Play Ball Pool

best ball pits
Our premium pick for today’s list is the Implay soft play brightly coloured ball pool.

Its made from 610gsm PVC which is rip-proof and wipe clean so very easy to maintain. Inside is the best quality impact absorbing foam that will protect your little one from falls.

The bright colours are great for young kids from 24 months but can be used all the way up until they are 11 years old.

The full size of the ball pit is 120cm x 120cm and is 30cm deep, you should be fine to fill this with around 300-400 balls which you will have to buy separately.

An inner mat is included and will comfortably fit 4 kids. Although the picture includes a slide this isn’t included and must be bought separately.

Buy this if:

You have some extra space
You have overly excited toddlers
You can leave it out and not have to put it away


The same as commercial style ball pits
Safer than foam style ball pits
Suitable up to 11 years of age
Big enough for Toys


Takes up a lot of storage space if needing to pack away.

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NUBUNI Ball Pit for Baby with Basketball Hoop

best ball pits
Our best value pick for our list is the NUBUNI kids ball pit and is great for spaces where you will need to pack away and store the pit.

The unit easily folds up (after some practice) into a small storage bag that can be stored almost anywhere. It’s available in 6 different designs so there’s one for everyone’s taste.

When it’s set up, this pop-up ball pit measures 42 inch across and 15 inch deep so will easily hold 500 balls which you need to buy separately.

The walls aren’t supporting so this isn’t a great baby ball pit and should be used for kids of 1 year upwards.

One of the walls includes a basketball hoop which kids can spend hours playing and shooting hoops and even do a slam dunk!

This type of product can be teamed with the ball pits accessories such as a slide, but it would be wise to make sure that this is on soft ground as there’s no padding in the base of this play tent.

Buy this if:

You want to save some money
You want a unit you can clear away easily


Packs away small
Can Hold 500 Balls
Has a Basketball Hoop


Walls aren’t strong to hold up children
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KiddyMoon Circle Ball Pit/300 Balls

best ball pits

KiddyMoon is back with another great foam ball pit. This time it’s a circular one. Although the same size as the square one, with this being circle you do save a little bit of room in the corners.

This product comes inclusive of 300 balls, and you can also choose to go with a 200 ball version if you want to save some space although you might find that 200 balls don’t fill it quite well enough.

1-3 children will be able to play with this ball pit together and with it being foam, it is suitable for newborns.

The non-toxic cover is available in other styles and can be machine washed.

Buy this if:

You are buying to keep in a childs room


Suitable from Birth
Holds 300 Balls that are Included
Circular Design


The child will outgrow very quickly

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Milliard Soft Play Ball Pit

best ball pits
The Milliard circular ball pit is a soft play style ball pit that comes as one piece so no assembly required.

The pit itself is super high quality and has a lovely feel to it much like a commercial-grade soft playset.

The company behind this ball pit has put it through rigorous testing to make sure it complies with up to date safety standards and make it suitable for children from birth.

The cover is easy to wipe clean so you don’t need to worry about accidents or spills.

The pit will hold roughly 400 balls to make it half full but keep in mind you’ll need to buy these separately.

Buy this if:

You want an easy wipe ball pit
You are buying for one child to play with


Easy to Clean
Can Hold Up to 800 Balls
Great for one Child


Only available in one design

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deAO Baby and Toddler Playpen Ballpit

best ball pits
Next up we have a great option for a baby, especially if you are looking for a ball pit that can double as a playpen.

This playpen-style ball pit is available in blue and pink so great for boys or girls.

The playpen comes with 50 free balls but you’ll want to have at least 400 in there for it to be fun for the children.

Its recommended for children aged 6 months – 42 months but is suitable from birth with supervision.

You will need to assemble this ball pit and will take up around 145cm across and 65.5cm high. This makes it big enough to add extra toys as well as balls

Buy this if:

You want a hard framed ball pit that’s easy to put away.


Doubles as a playpen
Comes with 50 free balls
Great for 6 months upwards


Can be a pain to set up due to all the poles and threading through the fabric frame.

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Yoobe 5-Piece Kids Play Tent

best ball pits
This three-den, two-tunnel piece of kit will keep your child entertained for hours. The number of games you can play with this ball pit is endless.

The three compartments are all great for being used as ball pits and the two tunnels that connect them make for some great chasing games to be played.

The main compartments can be pegged into the grass for outside use or use inside in a playroom.

Any sized balls can be used, even inflatable balls, but these will need to be purchased separately.

This ball pit is a pop-up style so all the part packs down into storage bags so easy and compact storage. You can also use each part independently so the whole thing doesn’t need to come out at the same time.

This product is great for playing with and adding your kids toys and other fun things like an inflatable ball.

Buy this if:

You want a unit that can be used inside and outside

You want some variety


Can use each other 5 parts separately
Compactly stores away
Can set it up in lots of different layouts


Its pop up so not very strong structure and use outside could cause it to tear

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KiddyMoon Quarter Angular Ball Pit

best ball pits
The quarter angle ball pit is an innovative design by KiddyMoon that can be bought in 6 different colours and with no balls, 200, and 300 balls.

The straight edges measure 90cm out and the pool itself is 30cm deep.

Being a corner unit, it can save a lot of space but if you haven’t got an available corner then it’s not worth investing in and you should go with the square or circular version.

It’s suitable from birth with adult supervision and can be played with by 2 children comfortably.

You won’t need to assemble this unit as it comes as one piece.

Buy this if:

You have a corner to put the ball pit in


Saves space as goes into the corner
Can easily fit 2 kids
No assembly required


Not really large enough to have other toys in it
If it doesn’t go in a corner it looks terrible

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Worlds Apart KidActive Ball Pit

best ball pits
Suitable from 6 months old, the ball pit has animals on one side and is 80cm x 80cm and is 30cm high. This makes it great for children 6 months to a year of age.

You can use this ball pit inside or outside making it a great investment for little ones during the summer months.

The Worlds Apart ball pit includes bean bags that have fun sensory effects. There are also 30 balls included with this unit but you might want to add another 100 to that for the most fun.

It also has fun, ball pit ball-sized, holes that make for a fun game of passing the balls through and receiving them back which is great for babies’ hand-eye coordination.

Buy this if:

You are buying for a young or small baby


Fun Colours
Sensory Based
Great for young babies


Very small so a child will grow out of it rather quickly

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Moonvvin Kids Ball Pool

best ball pits
Last, but never least on our list is the Moonvvin Kids Cloth Ball pool.

This pool is super easy to pack away and it literally folds up and pops into a storage bag. It will take around 60 seconds to pack away and even quicker to get out.

This pool is available in blue and gray, pink and gray, and pink and blue.

Due to the cloth material that this pool is made from, it’s great for use indoors and outdoors.

Balls are not included with this ball pool but it means you can choose ones that can match, you’ll need around 300 balls for this 80cm diameter, 26cm deep pool.

Buy this if:

You want a ball pool that can easily be put away and got out
You want a fabric ball pool


Great for babies
60 Seconds to pack away
Available in 3 designs


Too small for a 3-year-old but great for a 1 year old.

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Ball Pit Buying Guide & FAQ

Ball pits are extremely popular and can create hours and hours of fun for kids. Keep in mind that some of them are very difficult to store and don’t pack away easily so if you are hoping to put it away after use each time then make sure you choose a product that works for you.

What is the best ball pit for toddlers?

Ball pits for kids are great and you might be able to think you can just buy the first one you find but you should really think about some things before buying one.

You can get ball pits for babies as well as ball pits for kids around 10 years old so when choosing the best one, it’s best to do your research first.

What to think about before buying a ball pit?

Kids ball pits provide games for the whole family but what do you need to think about before buying one?

Size: The size you have available is very important. You need to be able to fit your ball pit in and allow for some jumping and falling room in between the pit and the furniture/walls.

Shape: The shape of your ball pits exterior is another thing to think about before purchasing. You can buy ones that are corner shaped that fit snug into the corner of rooms, circular and even tunnel style ones that will need a large space or specific doorways/angles to be set up.

Ball Pit Area: Make sure your ball pit area is large enough for your kids. If they include play tents or a crawl tunnel you can extend the ball pit which can help create extra space.

Multi-Use: If you are looking for a unit that can be used as other things that you can find ones that double up as playpens, paddling pool, sandpits, or a bouncy castle.

How many balls: Another thing to think about is how many balls you’ll need to fill the pit. If you have ball pits that can hold 1000 balls then it can be quite pricey to fill this if they aren’t included in the ball pit.

Does it fit in front of the TV: Your kids ball pits are a great way for them to relax and watch tv shows or movies. It can be a great tool for keeping them in place whilst you get on with something else.

What age is a ball pit good for?

Ball pits will range in their age suitability and it also depends on the type of ball pit you go for. Younger children from 6 months are better with a foam or soft play style one whereas older children might prefer a larger pop-up style one.

Why are ball pits good for babies?

Ball pits are great for babies for a number of reasons.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Babies picking up balls and put them down, however boring as it might seem, is great entertainment and brilliant training for babies H-EC. This is invaluable as they grow.

Soft Place to Sit: Ball pits provide a safe and soft play for baby to sit whilst watching tv shows or movies. Toddlers will love this way of ‘chilling out’ and can be super relaxing whilst be very comfortable.

Teaches Sharing: Using a ball pit with another child can help teach your child to share. There won’t be enough room to comfortably separate the children to play on their own so if they want to play they will be forced to play together.

How do you make a toddler ball pit?

If you are looking to install a much cooler (and more permanent) feature into your home you can try your hand at building your own ball pit. This can allow for much better kids ball pits and provide a lot more fun. Be sure to build for the future though as something hard standing can be annoying to remove once installed.