The 9 Best Playpens for Your Baby

Last Updated on May 10, 2022
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Our Choice for the Best Baby Play Pens


Hadwin 14 Panel Activity Center

Buy this if:


You have the room 


You have an awkward shaped room


Built-in toys

Built-in Storage

Can be set up in different shapes

Can be used on hard floors and carpet


The panel screws have to be secured tightly as they can be unscrewed by inquisitive babies if loose

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Venture All Stars DUO

Buy this if:


You have a square room 


You want to save money as it includes mats and balls.


Large Surface Area

Play Panel Included

Includes Mats and Balls


Can only be assembled in a square

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 HI SUYI Portable Baby Playpen

Buy this if:


You want something fun for your children to play in


You aren’t trying to keep them in one place whilst you get something else done


You are wanting to save money


You want a fun ball pit


Can be used indoors and outdoors

Packs Away Small

Comes with a 3-month warranty


No bag to store poles in

Zip door frame so older children can easily escape

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Exqline Pop Up Large Baby Playpen

Best baby Playpen

Buy this if:


You want an easy to assemble playpen


Available in FIVE colours

Other Designs by the same company available

Can be used indoors and outdoors


Only a bad point for some but takes up a lot of space

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Hadwin Foldable Baby Playpen

Buy this if:


You have a large family or need it for multiple children


Large enough for mum to get in and play too

Folds up into a storage bag

Can be used inside and outside


Very large space needed for use

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Millhouse Plastic Baby Playpen With Mats

Buy this if:


You don’t have carpet


Comes with mats

Suitable for 2-3 children

Great for younger babies


Not great if you have 2-3 year olds

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Costway 14 Panel Playpen

Buy this if:


You are buying for a playroom or games room


Pastel Colours

Available in three colour designs

Can be set up in multiple styles

Can be used inside and outside


Doesn’t have a base

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Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 Playpen

Buy this if:


You have use for a fireplace cover or room divider as well as a playpen.


3-in-1 Style

Can buy extension panels if needed

Extra Tall


No toys included with the playpen.

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Hadwin 6 Panel Portable Playpen

Buy this if:


You have one or two babies


Want to use it outside


Weatherproof base for use outside

Quick set up and pack down



Poles are PVC not steel

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Baby Playpen Buying Guide & FAQ

What is a Playpen and Do You Need One?

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of a playpen says a ‘small structure with bars or a net around the side but open at the top and you can put a baby in to play safely.’

This is pretty self-explanatory and as long as it can be played in safely it constitutes a playpen.

But do you need one? This is dependent on your situation and having one can be very helpful. They allow you to get your housework done whilst not having to constantly be carrying or checking on your baby.

They can also be helpful for your baby’s development and allows them to interact with other children in a controlled environment.

A bonus of using a playpen when it comes to ball pit balls is that it keeps them contained rather than them being all over the house.

Choosing the Best Baby Play Pen for you Baby

There are a few things you need to take into account when choosing the best playpen for your baby and these things will determine which one you buy. 

Floor space – Make sure you check the floor size of the unit you are looking to buy. Measure the floor area you have available and then compare it to the unit you are looking at.

If you have a funny shaped room, make sure your unit can be changed to fit the area.

Strength – Some babies can be heavy, and strong, so getting a playpen that can support their weight is paramount. You want to avoid injury then invest in a stronger frame such as steel.

Lightweight – Your baby playpen will be moved a lot, you’ll need to move it to clean, move it to get to things behind it, and what not so make sure it’s lightweight so it’s easy to move.

Easy to pack away – Making sure you have a unit that’s easy to pack away is essential if you aren’t going to leave it out full time. You’ll find yourself needing to pack this away regularly so an easy setup and pack down is great.

Types of Baby Playpen

You can get a few different types of baby playpen and knowing each one will help you with your decision on what one to buy.

Wooden – Wooden playpens are the nicer looking ones but can be more difficult to pack away. You can also find that wooden playpens will get bitten by teething children and leave marks.

Plastic – Plastic playpens are quite popular and come in lots of different styles. The good thing about them is that you can usually build these in a shape to suite your room.

Pop up – Pop-up playpens aren’t as popular as they don’t really hold children in them, they are very easy to get out of. They are better for older children who can come in and out as they please.

Metal structured – These are another popular design for the best playpens and pack away nice and small. They build up using the poles and have a fabric frame, these usually have a base included.

How Much Does a Baby Playpen Cost?

Baby playpens range in price but you shouldn’t be looking at spending any more than £120 or any less than £40. Spending less than £40 could result in a very poor-quality unit and there is no need to spend any more than £120 for a decent playpen.

Important Safety Points for Baby Playpens

It’s important that, although playpens are for fun, you should follow the safety tips to ensure that the children don’t harm themselves.

– Make sure your unit has a safety mark.
– Never leave a child alone in a playpen
– Keep up to date with cleaning your playpen
– Don’t leave large items in the playpen
– Don’t position your playpen near an open fire or radiator
– Make sure your playpen has an open top and nothing is obstructing it
– Avoid placing playpens near open doors or windows

What Age is it Safe to Put a Baby in a Playpen?

Most playpens are suitable for children aged 6 months upwards.

You’ll need to make sure you check the upper limit as some playpens have a weight restriction, such as ones that have frames, so older children won’t be able to play with them for the risk of them breaking.

The most common upper bracket for age is 36 months.

Do you really need a baby playpen?

We would recommend that you invest in a baby playpen for the early part of your baby’s life.

Once a child gets older, an indoor climbing frame or ball pit might be better suited and more enjoyable for a toddler.

You need a playpen if you are struggling to get housework done whilst looking after your baby, they can be a great tool to aide you whilst you find your feet and get into a routine.

How Long Can I use a Baby Playpen For?

Having a playpen shouldn’t mean you just leave your baby in there to play all day long. 

You should still make an effort to stimulate your baby in other ways such as reading with them, doing puzzles, colouring, and drawing. 

These types of activities will keep your child’s brain stimulated and actually help them sleep at night.