6 Best Baby Body Wash (Review) in 2021

July 13, 2022 @ 6:21 am
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Best Value
Premium Pick

Best Baby Body Wash

Johnson’s Bedtime Bath

cheap baby bath wash
Tear Free
Soap and Dye Free
Available in Two Sizes
Not Good for Sensitive Skin

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Aveeno Daily Care

best baby body wash
Available in most Supermarkets
Great for eczema prone babies
Suitable from Birth
Takes a Long Time to Wash Out

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Nanny’s Natural & Organic

100% Natural Ingredients
100% Money-Back Guarantee
More Expensive than other Options

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Earth Friendly Baby

Vegan Friendly
Mother and Baby Award Winning Product
Shampoo and Body Wash
The bottle can be difficult to use

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Childs Farm Baby Wash

Dermatologist recommended
Paediatrician recommended
Slightly smaller bottle than other options

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Burts Bee’s Baby

98.9% Natural Ingredents
Light and Fresh
Tear Free
Smallest bottle on the list

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Best Baby Body Wash Buying Guide & FAQ

What to look for when buying the best body wash.

There are a lot of baby body wash products available on the market and with so much choice it can be hard to know what to look for or what the “benefits” of each baby product actually means. I have made it easier for you by selecting my top six best baby body wash products, not only that but below I have provided an explanation of the main specifications that are often advertised with baby body washes.

The main criteria to look out for when choosing a body wash for your baby are natural ingredients, fragrance-free, tear-free and paediatrician tested. You don’t necessarily have to choose a baby body wash with all of those factors in it, but certainly, a body wash that takes most of those caring factors into consideration is going to be a product which is most kind and nourishing for your little one’s sensitive skin.


Natural Ingredients – Harsh chemicals can cause irritation to an adult’s skin so imagine how damaging they can be to fragile, infant skin which is five times thinner than adult skin. A baby’s skin, especially a newborn, has very sensitive skin which absorbs just about anything easily and harsh products can cause rashes or allergies.

The properties of natural ingredients are often antibacterial, anti-allergen and soothing to evolving, infant skin. Natural ingredients have been around forever to look after humans and promote healthy living. Not only that but it has a better impact on the environment, rather than harsh chemicals ending up back into the ocean or landfill.

Fragrance-Free – Fragrance-free or unscented products are particularly beneficial to babies with sensitive skin. Fragranced products can contain harsh chemicals and have a harmful effect on baby’s skin. Also, some fragrances might not be suitable for babies to breathe in, which is why it is not recommended to wear perfume around an infant.

That is not to say that all fragranced body washes are a risk; there are some scented products which are derived from natural ingredients as recommended above. However, fragrance free can give you that additional piece of mind, especially of you find scented products cause a rash on your baby.

Tear Free – A “tear free” formula intends to provide reassurance that your baby’s eyes will not sting or hurt should any baby body wash or shampoo get into them. A mild or natural formula helps to prevent tears.

However, buying a “tear free” formula does not mean you can freely cover your baby’s face and eyes in soap. The eyes are an extremely sensitive part of the body and you should always try to avoid the eye area, I get my son to count stars on the ceiling when I rinse his hair. Should any body wash or shampoo get into the eyes then wash thoroughly with clean water.

Paediatrician Tested – Paediatrician tested is not only important for your own piece of mind but shows that the company you are purchasing from are serious about providing a safe body wash for your baby. Rigorous safety tests help to prevent any serious complications, as any issues would be picked up on before the baby wash hits the shelves.

It is also worth doing a little patch test at home when using a new product on your baby for the first time. Apply a small amount onto baby’s skin, usually the inner elbow or behind the ear and leave it to see if they have a reaction before using it regularly.


Overall, out of all of the baby body washes I have tried and tested, my recommended top six are the products I found to be the most kind to my son’s skin.

To make it even easier for you, I have broken them down into categories of best natural and organically formulated, best tear free, best awarded application, best unscented, best bedtime and best popular baby body wash. You can effortlessly pick a product which is most suitable for you and your baby’s needs.

Take into consideration your baby’s skin type and if they struggle with patchy, dry skin or eczema. Perhaps, your baby would benefit from a calming lavender scented formula to help get them in the sleepy mood before bedtime. I alternate products regularly to prevent baby’s skin from becoming accustomed to the same brand.

As my son suffers with eczema, I still use the Aveeno Daily Gentle Care Wash the most regularly with him, it keeps his skin nourished, soft and is very budget friendly. I top his skin off with the Aveeno Baby Daily Care Moisturising lotion for extra hydrated skin, I pay extra attention to massaging the cream into his eczema prone spots including his wrists and inner elbows.

Occasionally, I will splurge on Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash or Nanny’s Naturals Natural and Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. I love how Nanny’s Naturals are 100% natural ingredients and have a freshening zesty scent. Burt’s Bees is great for both me and baby, the mild fragrance is yummy without being overpowering and leaves both of our skins feeling soft.

I have answered the most frequently asked questions I get from parents below, check them out if you’re still a little unsure on what to look for when choosing a body wash for your baby.