Why you should be using Disposable Nappies Over Reusable

May 14, 2021 @ 3:02 pm

History of Disposable Nappies

The disposable nappy revolutionised the way that we see nappies and was invented in the 1950s by Victor Mills who at the time was actually a chemical engineer at Proctor and Gamble.

When disposable nappies by pampers were first launched, there was some confusion over where to showcase them in the supermarket as they were just so new and could be found even down the food aisle!

Originally pampers used a pin in the nappy, much like you would see on any stereotypical cartoon but come the 1970’s they replaced that pin with tape which made all the difference when it came to changing your baby’s bum.

They also started to develop different sizes and styles of nappy for the consumer.

Fast forward to today and you have the pampers that we know, different sizes, shapes, and activities. Perfect for any occasion!

You Dont Have to Clean Them

Disposable is exactly that, disposable. When you come to change your baby’s bum you can simply throw away the used, dirty one and replace it with a clean one.

This process has been reported to be over a minute quicker per change, and as any new or experienced parents will know, that’s a lot of time when it comes to babies!

They Are Compact and Easy to Carry Around

Packing your changing bag in a neat and tidy way whilst also being easy to navigate it is a huge task when you have a baby. There is just so much you might need and don’t want to leave behind.

Have easy to pack and compact nappies that you can fold or squash can really save you a lot of space.

Can Be Bought Almost Anywhere, Even Petrol Stations

Since the 1960’s you’ve been able to buy disposable nappies in almost all shops that you would expect to sell nappies.

Nowadays they are almost a must-have item for any convenience store, supermarket, petrol station, or pharmacy.

This means that they are very easy to acquire if you have an emergency or run out unexpectedly.

No Need to Flush Poo Down the Toilet

With reusable nappies, when you change them, the nappy can’t just be folded up and thrown away.

Second, to that, you don’t want to be putting a nappy filled with poo straight into the washing machine.

This means that you need some form of disposal for the contents of the nappy, with the most ideal being emptying the poo straight down the toilet. A process that can be tricky when you have a baby on the changing mat. 

Children have a habit of grabbing and pulling things so leaving the filled nappy whilst you change can be a risky move.


Overall, whether you decide to go disposable or reusable there are benefits to both. In our opinion, we found that disposable was slightly less work whereas the reusable saved money over time.

Back when they were first invented, you didn’t have the choice to choose between either reusable or disposable. So, whatever you decide, make sure it’s the best nappy for your child, and you!