The Benefits of Having a Climbing Frame in Your House

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

Indoor Climbing Frames: The Benefits for Toddlers

There are many benefits to having an indoor climbing frame and not just that they are super cool and amazing!

As parents, it can be tedious to continuously keep cleaning up after our children but having something larger that you don’t have to tidy up after each use could be actually, quite helpful in a weird way.

Having an indoor climbing frame is a great investment for your children’s development and we have put together a list of the benefits of having an indoor climbing frame in your home.

1. Strengthens Your Child’s Muscles

Muscle development in young children is important, to say the least. They need constant use of their muscles and not letting them can cause a grouchy little human.

Allowing them to have something they can climb, slide and pull themselves up on inside the house is a great way to promote the strengthening of your baby’s arms and legs.

2. Improves Their Flexibility 

Physical movement is great for increasing the flexibility of adults and children. But more importantly for children, providing increased flexibility will help with getting them dressed and also help with them walking and moving.

3. Provides Exercise

Again, much like us adults, children need lots of daily exercise to maintain body function and help challenge their cardiovascular system.

This can also be a great way to increase your stamina, strengthen your heart and burn calories for your parents, just jump in and play whatever game is being played with them.

4. Helps With Hand-Eye Coordination 

Children’s hand-eye coordination can take a while for them to perfect and can even not be great in some adults (we all know someone with terrible throwing and catching skills!). 

Having an indoor climbing frame can drastically increase a child’s HEC whilst they learn to swing, grab and climb over the surfaces. This is also great for grip strength.

5. Helps Combat Chronic Disease 

Any type of high-intensity exercise such as pirate chasing or climbing the largest volcano in existence can combat chronic disease.

20 Minutes of high intensity exercise is also a great way to fight off stress, which children are known to suffer from as they grow.


6. Improves Dexterity 

As you would expect, but using a climbing frame it will increase your child’s dexterity which will help them not only overcoming obstacles whilst they are young but also for their whole lives whilst they grow.

7. Boosts Confidence 

Being in a play environment can drastically improve your child’s confidence, if they have a friend over to play this can improve even further. 

If your child is a little shy, a small indoor climbing frame might be the perfect purchase to get them that all-important confidence boost.  

8. Helps to Develop Logical and Creative Thinking 

The best part about playing as a child is all the cool and fun imaginative scenarios and games you can think up. The children don’t realise how important this is for developing their logical and creative thinking skills. 

This is another great skill that is useful well into the adult years of life and can help in work, school, and socially.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you have the room, you should defiantly think about investing in an indoor climbing frame. These reasons alone are enough to make you want to get one, but if you needed another then here you go.

They will keep your child entertained for HOURS giving you the much-needed time to yourself.