BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss Review 2021

Last Updated on May 17, 2021

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss Review

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  • Usefulness 85% 85%
  • Style Availability 97% 97%
  • Value for Money 75% 75%
  • Overall Rating 84% 84%

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss REview 

Bouncers are a great way to safely let your baby play and entertain themselves whilst you can have that much-needed cup of tea! 

The Bouncer includes 3 different height positions, a fold-down that makes you wonder where it all went, and it’s very easy to store away making it a favorite on our list. 

There is a great range of colours to choose from making it perfect for any home as well as a range of different materials to cover the frame, which can be purchased separately if more than one style is required. 

Its high-end appearance doesn’t disappoint in real life and it does actually feel quality. Unlike other products where they have an incredible picture but don’t match up in reality. 

Whats in the box?

The box contains the frame of the bouncer and your chosen cover material in your chosen colour. You also get an instruction manual but the BabyBjorn Bliss is really easy to set up. 

You can buy the other colours and materials separately if you wanted to mix and match or have a spare incase of a sick emergency. 

how to set up the BabyBjorn Bliss

Actually setting up the bouncer takes all of 5 seconds, you simply raise the main body whilst holding the base until you hear it click. There are three different positions for your baby and they are easily navigated too using the hook underneath. 

In order to pack away, there is a safety hook you’ll need to pull before it folds down, this is great for protecting any wandering fingers. 

Once its packed away, its basically in a flat position and you can easily store it under a cot or in a wardrobe. 

how long can you expect to use the babybjorn?

You can use the Bliss from birth, making it a great baby shower gift but they actually do recommend that it’s used from 3.5kg or 53cm so bare that in mind if your baby is on the smaller side. 

In regards to hole long you can use it, BabyBjorn has actually designed this so it can be used as a chair for older children and say it’s suitable for children up to the age of 2 years old. They have also, although, recommended a weight limit of 13kg so it’s likely you’ll be fighting a weight battle over an age battle. 

Either way, it’s got a decent lifespan which is useful when you consider the price tag. 

How did this make your life easier? 

This product hasn’t failed at making my life easier at all, its super easy to move around the home so I can take my little one with me wherever I am in the house. I have been taken with me on picnics and to the park, as it’s so easy to pack down and transport. 

On top of this, the three height settings are perfect for my baby after they have been fed. The last thing you want to do is lay them flat so the upright setting really helps them with their wind and stops them sicking up. 


What sets the Babybjorn Apart from other brands

What set the BabyBjorn apart from its competitors are is that the actual design of seat is ergonomically shaped to support the head, back and neck of the baby. There are other products that have a similar design but BabyBjorn has scientifically designed it to be perfect for a baby. 

Why Should You Buy?


Three height settings 


easily packs away and can be transported


Suitable until around 13kg or 2 years of age


Multiple design options available


premium look and feel 


Additional covers and toys can be purchased seperatly

reasons we love

As you can imagine, there are loads of reasons we love this premium feeling, high-end-looking baby bouncer. 

We love its modern and stylish design, it’s suitable for literally any home, and even if one design isn’t right there are 8 designs in total to choose from. Out of those 8, there are also two different material options. 

The 3 height settings its another massive positive, great for any time of day, sleeping, after food or milk, and can become a really handy tool for trips out to the park or beach. We also love that they are super easy to alternate between heights, it’s a simple and effective design. 

The cover is completely removable and machine washable. This is great in case of accidents from either end of the baby! 

Potential drawbacks

If you are already looking into the BabyBjorn you’ll know that there is of course much cheaper option on the market.

These cheaper options are going to be understandably cheaper quality and therefore it might end up costing you more in replacements or fixes.

Where the Babybjorn Bliss lacks though is not it the price above the cheaper options but the price below the more expensive ones.

For less than £100 more you can have the MamaRoo by 4Moms or the Nuna Leaf Grow both of which include built-in toys and in our opinion, better value for your money.

Other Products by BabyBjorn

BabyBjorn are a huge company and have been going for longer than 60 years. They sell a huge range of products and offer a much larger variety of designs on their website. They even ship to 55 different countries. 

They are based in Sweden so shipping can take a little longer if purchasing through their website. 

A list of other product they sell include: 

Baby Carriers

Baby Bouncers

Travel Cots

Feeding Product


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