Baby Registry Must Haves: Exactly what to put on yours!

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

Baby Registry Must-Haves


When you are expecting a baby there are some things that people just don’t tell you about and one of them is a baby registry. Personally, I didn’t have a clue what one was when I was pregnant but wish that I had done it!

Having a baby can be expensive, and every little helps. A baby registry is a great way to ask for items without having to worry about getting duplicates and was make things a lot easier for you.

You also don’t have to worry about getting rubbish gifts that won’t ever be used or just end up being passed onto a friend who’s having a baby down the line.

But, alas, you are struggling with what to put on your baby registry. Well, Toddler Review has put together a great checklist for things you can add to your baby checklist that you might not that through about!

Amazon offers the perfect Baby Wishlist Registry. They allow you to make a customised list from over 100,000 baby items, see top recommended products and even save 15% off one of your purchases.

It also has a built-in thank-you feature that allows you to easily thank people for gifts as well as allowing you to add items from other sites if Amazon doesn’t offer the product you want.

How does a baby registry Work?

Baby registries are super simple and a great concept. Parents-to-be just creates a list of everything that they want and need for their baby and put it all on a list. This list can then be shared digitally with friends and family who can purchase items directly off the list.

Having a registry often comes with additional perks, if you set yours up and you have Amazon prime all your purchases will be covered even if bought as a gift from someone without it. You also get 15% off a purchase.

How to choose a baby Registry

There are lots of options for a baby registry in the UK but the easiest by far is Amazon’s option. Not only could you find that all the product you need is available in one place, if not they offer the option to add product from other sites and still track them on your list.

If Amazon’s option isn’t for you here are two alternatives:

When should you make your baby registry?

You can of course create your baby when you want, before your even pregnant if you so wish but we recommend the best time to do this is just before you announce to people you are expecting.

This way if anyone asks you for a present idea when you tell them you are all prepared. It’s also handy to have this ready prior to a baby shower so that you can send it to your friends and family in order to bring you a present from your list not just anything.

What to put on your baby registry

Bath Time

Bath Seats
• Hooded Towels
Baby Shampoo
Baby Body Wash
Baby Bath Toys


• Mattress
• Bedding
• Night Light
• White Noise Machine


You’ll likely be gifted clothing from other parents that have them lying around and people generally buy clothes for your baby all the time so asking for clothing might be a bit of an overkill.

Bum Change Time

Nappy Bin
Nappy Rash Cream
Baby Wipes
Changing Table


Breast Pumps
• Nursing Pillow
• Nursing Chair
• Baby Bottles
• Bottle Steriliser
• Bottle Maker
• Bottle Warmer
• Bowls & Cutlery
• Weening Cookbook
• Highchair

Baby Care

• Baby Grooming Kit
• Thermometer
• Hairbrush
• Toothbrush
• Teething Gel/Powder

Nursery Furniture and Essentials

• Baby Monitor
• Baby books
• Storage Boxes
• Toy Box
• Eva Mats

Play Time

Baby Swing, Baby Bouncer or Baby Jumper
• Activity Centre
Teething Toys
• Giant Teddy Bear
Collectable Teddy Bear

Travel items

• Car Seat
• Pram
• Baby Carrier
Changing Bag
Travel Cot



What Not to put on your baby registry list

Just like the things you should put on your list, there are some things that you should avoid putting on there too.

Expensive, Dressy Clothes

It can be nice to have nice clothes for your baby but the reality is that they will only wear it once, likely poo themselves or sick up onto it after not doing either in their day to day clothes for weeks.

Loads of Toys

People will buy you toys, you’ll end up buying toys every time you leave the house as your little one gets older so keeping these to a minimum is essential to your sanity.

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