May 14, 2021 @ 3:02 pm

Baby Gumz Teething Mitten


The Baby Gumz teething mitten is a great teether for children who haven’t quite mastered the art of gripping and holding onto things yet.

The mitten works with a velcro strap the keeps the mitten on the baby’s hand so that they don’t lose it if they decide to shake their little arms about and this also prevents them from chewing on their own hands which can cause a rash around the lips and cheeks.

The company has a very active instagram page and can be contacted with any and all questions.


The mitten is a unique shape which has been designed specifically with teething babies in mind. The mitten has bumps and grooves that are carefully located to help sooth and give relief to the gums.

The mitten also has sensory crinkle material built into it to help keep the child entertained and engage their minds with visual stimulation.

This product was designed by first-time parents who had gone through the frustration of seeing their little ones chewing on their fingers without being able to hold onto traditional teethers.


Batteries Required: No


Weight: 20g


Dimensions: 14.22cm x 8.64cm x 2.54cm


This product is BPA free, Phthalate free and has also passed several UK and EU safety regulations to be sold.

The company itself has also been set up by first time parents and the product includes a free travel bag to keep it clean during transportation and a free milk teeth chart which can be added to your keepsake box as you baby loses their milk teeth.

The product can also be machine washed safely as well as soaked in boiling water for sterilisation purposes.


The only real disadvantage we could find for this product is that the product can be slightly too large for younger babies and found that with smaller babies, from four months or younger, the strap didn’t go tight enough, and the baby could get their hands out of the mitten.

It was also mentioned that for these younger babies that the mitten itself was slightly too large to fit in their mouths and therefore wasn’t really suitable if your baby starts teething at a young age.