Baby Fruit Feeder

baby fruit feeder

Baby Fruit Feeder

My daughter absolutely loves her Naturebond fruit feeder. We put fruit, vegetables and other soft foods in it for her and she just loves to munch on them and have the food squeeze through the little holes.

The box comes with two different feeders and six silicone teats with the six silicone teats coming in two small, two medium and two large.

The teats are designed to work better as the child gets older and can also fit larger pieces of fruit or vegetables in it.


The baby fruit feeder is designed in candy lollipop colours in order to be more attractive to baby’s and young children. It comes in a nice-looking box and also has no immovable parts.

The product is super easy to dismantle, the top bit opens up in a clasp type fashion to release the silicone teat making it easy to wash each part separately.



Item Weight: 141 grams


Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.9 x 6.1 cm


Dishwasher Safe: Yes


Safe to Sterilise: Yes


The best parts about this baby fruit feeder is that it actually doubles as one of the best baby teethers.

You can load it up with a bit of frozen fruit to really help soothe the baby’s gums, this is double-good due to the material being latex free, lead free, phthalates free, BPA free and 100% food grade silicone.

This product is also the only baby fruit feeder that is FDA approved.


As with any and all products, you can’t please everyone, and this product is no different.

Many people have reported that this product can be overly complicated and fiddly. Trying to get the food into the teats and squeeze it in whilst trying to avoid getting it all over the product.

That being said the teats only really accommodates for small portions due to the teat the size which can be really awkward as you baby get a bit larger having to feed them multiple portions of one piece of food.

All of customers also reported that the parts felt cheap and broke rather easily, now I think this depends on how heavy handed you are with the product, as the parts do come apart for cleaning these people could just be a little bit to heavy handed.