Nappy Disposal Bins: Are they Worth it? 

September 20, 2021 @ 8:25 am

This post was Written by Zoe Kirby

Are Nappy Disposal Systems Worth Buying?

So, you are a thinking of purchasing a Nappy Bin and you are wondering are nappy disposal systems worth buying?

Will you get your money’s worth?

Will you save time?

Will it be more efficient?

There are lots of questions that you might be thinking of when trying to pick the best nappy bin and having a really good look into all of these are essential before making your choice.

But, are nappy disposal systems worth buying?

To be short, we think so yes. But here is why…

Space Saving

A new born baby can be changed 10-12 time per day and when you add these up that’s a lot of nappies. Putting these into your kitchen bin can fill it up very quickly and the last thing you need to be doing when you have a new born is emptying bins twice a day!

So, although you are adding another bin to your house, it saves you space in your everyday bin to have one.

Time Saving

Now it might not seem like a lot to take a nappy from the changing room to the kitchen bin but do this 10-12 time a day and 7 days a week, even if it takes 60 seconds per trip you’ve ended up spending a huge 70 minutes just taking nappies to the bin.

Having the bin saves you that time as you can place the bin best to the changing mat and when full empty the bin which should take no more than 2/3 minutes, therefore, saving you over an hour a week which can be spent doing much more important things (like relaxing!).

Smell Saving

With most nappy bins having some form of odour protection you can guarantee that having one will save your nose some pain!

As I’m sure you are aware, or you might not, but nappies will soon stink up any room if left unattended. So, the odour protection block is something that really sells these nappy bins to us.

Without it, we think it wouldn’t be worth buying so make sure whatever one you buy has it included.

Keeps Dirty Nappies in One Place

Maybe it’s just me but my partner is the worst for changing our daughter’s bum and then leaving the nappy on the side or on the floor.

Since we got our nappy bin, I can happily say that our home has been nappy free! 

Having a nappy bin keeps all of your nappies in one place without fear of finding them scattered around the house and keeps the smell at bay!


A reason for not buying a nappy bin would be the cost involved. Some nappy bins can use plain plastic bags which obviously keeps costs low but other nappy bins, such as the Tommee Tippee and Angel Care bins use refill cartridges which are much more expensive than standard bin liners. 

Although these are pricey, they do last a long time and can be really helpful in allowing the nappy bin to do its job as they are made for storing nappies.

Are Nappy Disposal Systems Worth Buying?


So we have looked at some of the differently reasons that answer the question, are nappy disposal bins worth buying?

After taking into consideration all the points we have gone over, we this that it’s a resounding YES to buying one. 

We wouldn’t not have one since using it and think you would be silly not to invest in one!