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Launched in 2021, Toddler Review was created after I had my first daughter at the end of 2019 and felt super overwhelmed by the mass amount of products on the market and nowhere to see them compared. Every day we sift through hundreds of baby and toddler products, to find out whats the best and the most ‘value for money’ products. We do our best to provide the best quailty pictures and most in-depth descriptions for all of our guides and product reviews. 

We are a team that create honest and real buying guides, detailed and descriptive product reviews and fun to read, informatative posts, regarding all things parenting. We arent like these online magazines that are simply paid to review product by these huge name brand companies without ever seeing the product in the first place. We are real dads and mums, careers and grandparents all who have used the products we review in real life.