9 Best Toys for a 5 Year Old Boy (Review) in 2021

December 2, 2021 @ 9:09 am
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Best Toys for a 5 Year Old Boy

DMbaby Compact Telescope Binoculars

toys for a 5 year old boy


Rubber, lightweight, durable material

8x focus for great viewing

Grow with your child


Can be tricky to learn at first

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Double Sided Stunt Car


Multifunctional action

Rechargeable batteries included

Durably crafted


Regular battery charging required

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VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch


Popular, reputable child’s toy brand

Educational and with multi-play features

Simple to use, introduction to technology


It is a premium cost purchase which is expected for the high quality.

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Gilobaby Kids Smart Robot Toy


Responds to voice commands and records your voice

Sings and dances along with you

Power-saving mode


Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)

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Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car


Bright and colourful

Develops cognitive and fine-motor skills

Simple and easy to follow instructions


Lights and sounds can only be turned off when dismantled.

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Nynicorny Kids Camera


Multi-play camera


Durable with 12-month guarantee


Not as stylish as competitors

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Play-Doh Wheels


Develops imaginative and creative play

Enhances concentration skills, developing focus for longer



Not to be used on carpets and similar fabrics.

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Kids Walkie Talkies


Bright, colourful choice of colours

Wide transmission range

Voice activation feature


Each handset requires 4x AAA batteries, not included

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JRD&BS WINL Colourful LCD Electronic Writing Tablet


Safe to use, no radiation or glare

Mess and waste-free; helping the environment

Simple and easy to use


Colours appear dark under low lighting

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Best Toys for a 5 Year Old Boy Buying Guide & FAQ

Overall there are some great recommendations above, we have tried and tested many toys and the ones I have listed are my top nine best toys for a five-year-old boy. The Vtech watch Kidizoom Smart Watch is one of our favourites as the quality is brilliant and my son uses this toy regularly.

The camera and binoculars have been great during lockdown as they encourage outdoor play and exploring. My son printed the pictures from his camera and created a scrapbook. 

If you are still unsure of the best toy purchase for a five-year-old boy I have answered the most frequently asked questions I get below to help you further.

Q: What type of toys are better for the 5 year old boys

A: Five-year-old boys are at the age now where they have pretty much outgrown pre-school toys and will appreciate toys which are a little bit more mature and challenging for them. It is a great age to introduce them to technology as they are becoming more capable of understanding more complex toys and games. Technology is also becoming a big part of school and education so early development of technological knowledge will help them be prepared for this. Toys which encourage imaginative play, communication and independence will also help prepare them for social interaction when they step into a new school.

What to look for when buying toys for a 5 year old boy 

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which are the best toys for a five-year-old boy. It is firstly worth understanding what their interests are. Once they have started school and socialised with other children their age, their interests might start to change as they become influenced by their friends.

Outdoor play is very important for a five-year-old to enhance their Vitamin D intake as well as reap the exercise benefits. Toys which encourage outdoor play such as binoculars and cameras are great to not only get them walking and burning off energy but also to get them comfortable with nature and learn the importance of looking after the environment around us to help protect their futures.

Another factor to check is if it is educational or will develop their key skills. Role-play toys are great for developing confidence, communication and imaginative play which prepares them for social settings. There are also toys, as recommended above which will develop their concentration, cognitive and fine motor skills.

Lastly, price can certainly be a deciding factor when making a decision to purchase a child’s toy. Be wary that sometimes with cheap prices can also mean poor quality but only splurge if you are sure the toy will be played with, the easiest way to check is to simply ask your child.