10 Best Baby Changing Bag (Review) in 2021

Last Updated on November 12, 2020
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Best Baby Changing Bags 

Cheap Baby Changing Bag


Insulated pods and insulated bottle holder

Zip open headrest for nappy changing

Affordable price and good quality


Changing mat not included

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Gender Neutral Changing Bag


Gender-neutral design


Anti-theft bag for valuable items


Some reviewers have raised durability issues

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Premium Changing Bag



USB charging port

Vegan Leather

Ergonomic design


Hand wash only

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Colourful Baby Changing Bags



Colourful design

Plentiful storage



Doesn’t attach to buggy handlebar

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Faux Leather Changing Bag


Stylish & Fasionable

Easy to clean

Easy-access insulated front compartment



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Hello Kitty Changing Bag

JuJuBe has designed a very special Hello Kitty designer changing bag, which will be available while stock lasts.

The outer fabric is Teflon treated and has AgION protected linings, which are anti-microbial.

Its main feature is the memory foam shoulder pads and changing mat, which will keep you and your baby cosy and comfortable.

The shoulder strap is made of non-slip fabric to prevent it from slipping off your shoulder while carrying it.

The crumb drains are another star feature of this bag; located in the back pocket, they’ll help you quickly clean the pockets of your bag and get rid of any dust, dirt, or food crumbs.

Afterward, you can safely place the bag in the washing machine for a thorough and easy clean.

The bag is 16x47x35cm and weighs only 450 grams, a little bit less than a package of butter.

It comes with a front and main compartment and a side bottle holder. You can find lots of magnetic pockets and mesh pouches for all your gadgets throughout the bag with two sets of coloured tabs to help you spot easily different items.

You will also be able to safely store hot and cold food and drinks thanks to its Thinsulate insulation system.


Memory foam shoulder straps and changing mat




Very expensive

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Light Grey Changing Bag

BabbleRoo Nappy Changing Backpack is a spacious bag for you to pack all your essentials when going on a trip with your baby.

You can easily fit five vests, three bibs, two hats, six nappies, one box of tissues or wipes, three baby bottles, one tablet or laptop up to 15.6”, one wallet, two water bottles, two dummies and one nappy cream.

Keeping organised will be easy thanks to its two main compartments, five insulated pockets that fit all major baby bottles brands, a pocket for wipes, a key loop and a multi-functional changing mat pocket where you can also store your tablet or laptop. All pockets are fitted with easy-glide zippers which makes it accessible with one hand.

Weather can be unpredictable, but this sturdy bag will give you peace of mind as it’s made of tear-resistant waterproof material.

It’s also very easy to clean and has strong and durable zippers. This bag is also the perfect complement for long walks with your baby thanks to its reinforced padded shoulder straps and cushioned back panel that will distribute the weight evenly on your back and shoulders.

You can also choose to attach it to your buggy using its built-in buggy clips.

This bag is 42x21x31 cm and weighs 980 grams.


Big and spacious (26 litres capacity)


Detachable dummy case


Unable to Machine Wash

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Personalised Baby Changing Bag



Big and spacious

Durable and easy to clean


No internal pockets

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Blush Pink Baby Changing Bag

My Babiie Billie Faiers Blush Deluxe Baby Changing Bag includes a padded nappy changing mat that can be easily wiped clean for your convenience.

It also has two insulated bottle holders to store your baby’s milk at the right temperature: one is internal and the other one is removable for your convenience.

You can easily keep all your items neatly organised thanks to the two large rose gold-coloured zip pockets at the front and the internal pocket.

This nappy changing bag matches the colour of the Billie Faiers mb51 and mb200 Blush buggies.

The size of this bag is 17x42x28 centimeters.

A premium feature is that it’s very light, only weighing 300 grams, approximately the weight of one large grapefruit.

For your safety and peace of mind, this product has undergone rigorous safety tests and it comes with a free one-year guarantee.

The padded shoulder strap can be adjusted to make sure you are comfortable while carrying all your baby’s belongings.

You can also choose to carry it as a tote using its handle.

However, it’s not possible to attach this bag to the handlebar of your buggy. The manufacturer recommends keeping the changing bag clean and dry as much as possible.



Removable insulated bottle holder

One-year guarantee


Doesn’t attach to buggy handlebar

Check the latest price on Amazon.co.uk

Baby Changing Bag for Twins


Magnetic closures for easy use


Includes cushioned changing mat


Incompatible with single buggies

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Best Baby Changing Bag Buying Guide & FAQ

A: A baby changing bag will usually be classed as hand luggage.

However, some airlines might allow you to bring extra luggage when you’re traveling with your baby on your lap, also known as infant fare.

If you choose to buy a seat for your baby, you’ll have the standard adult passenger luggage allowance.

As this can vary depending on the airline, it’s always best to check in advance to allow you enough time to pack and weigh all your baby equipment.

Frozen breast milk is not allowed in the hand luggage so you’ll need to place it in the hold luggage.

Q: What Do I Need in a Baby Changing Bag?

What to pack into your changing bag? This can be a daunting task and can create anxiety over if you have forgotten something. We have put together a baby changing bag checklist that’s free to download and can be found here. 

Bottles: The quantity will vary depending on how long you’re planning to stay outside, but a good rule of thumb is to pack at least two just in case.

It’s important to make sure they don’t have any toxic materials. You should avoid the following: Bisphenol A (BPA), Lead, Phthalate, PVC and BPS.

Milk: If you’re going out with your infant, you’ll need to take a measured amount of formula milk in a dry and clean container.

You’ll also need to carry a flask of hot water and an empty sterilised baby bottle. For your baby’s safety, make sure your bag has insulated pouches to store it.

Food: Placing your baby’s food and snacks in containers will help you keep organised when packing your bag and easily find what you need.

If any of the food needs to be refrigerated, remember to place it in the allocated insulated pocket to make sure it keeps at the right temperature.

Changing mat: It will be very useful when you need to change your child’s nappy in your friend’s house, a restaurant or even in the woods!

They can usually be wiped clean to ensure high standards of hygiene. They are usually nicely padded and some are made with memory foam for extra comfort.

Nappies: They are an essential item for any baby changing bag. Depending on your lifestyle and the sensitivity of your baby’s skin, you’ll be able to choose between environmentally friendly reusable nappies that you can wash and reuse, disposable nappies and eco-disposable nappies made from biodegradable materials like unbleached wood pulp.

Wipes: They are versatile as you can use them to wipe your baby’s bottom, face and to clean spills.

There is a wide range of wipes in the market and as every baby is different. You might have to do trial and error until you find wipes that don’t irritate the skin.

Change of Clothes: In case you get an unexpected leaky nappy or a food spill, it’s always a good idea to pack extra clothes.

A vest, one pair of tights, socks and a top would be a good packing starter. You can also pack some extra layers and warm clothes in case the weather changes.

Q: How to organise a baby changing bag 

Each baby changing bag will be laid out differently as per their pockets or zip compartments but there are several things you should always make sure are accessible regardless of the layout of the bag. 

Having the milk handy is a great habit to get into. Normally putting it in an insulated bottle carrier, or some baby changing bags with insulated pockets have them built-in, is the best way to store and carry these. You can usually attach them to the bag if they aren’t built-in. 

Having the changing mat near the top of the bag is another great tip. If your little one has an explosive accident then trying to rummage through the bag whilst trying to keep them from rolling around can be difficult.


Q: Where to buy a Baby Changing Bag

There are lots of places you can buy a baby changing bag and to list them all would be silly to try and achieve we will give you the top recommendations on where to buy a baby changing bag. 

  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Mamas & Papas
  • Argos
  • Boots
  • Next
  • Ebay

These are the places we recommend buying a baby changing bag. We will always recommend Amazon for purchases, not just because we receive a commission but because they offer great service and quick delivery.

What to look for when buying a baby changing bag?

Size: The sizing of your bag is totally your choice. While some parents like to overpack and be ready for the unexpected, others like to travel light. If it’s not attachable to your buggy, make sure it can fit at the bottom or that you can carry it comfortably on your shoulders.

Compartments: They are great to keep everything neatly organised and save you time when you need to reach for a dummy, a wipe, or your little one’s favourite toy. Before buying a bag, consider all the items you usually carry and check if the bag offers special pockets to fit them all.

Difficulty to hold: Since you’ll often find yourself holding your baby and the bag at the same time, it’s important that it has a comfortable handle to hold with one hand, that you can easily attach it to the handlebar of your buggy or that you can comfortably carry it on your shoulders.

Style: This is a very personal decision, as every person has their own taste. In terms of baby changing bags, functionality tends to be more important but that doesn’t mean that you have to disregard your style preferences. It’s a good idea to make sure the material is durable and waterproof.

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